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Mac does not boot, no recovery options work

December 18, 2015 at 13:12:22
Specs: OSX 10
Have a very unusual one here. So, I was wanting to upgrade the Windows Vista install on a MAC that is running boot camp. I selected the option to restart to OSX and it rebooted to a kernel panic "You need to restart your computer. Hold down...."

From there, I tried a variety of things (below), none of which worked; meaning it skipped them and went straight to the Apple logo.

- Booting into recovery did not work (holding down opt)
- Booting into internet recovery did not work (holding down cmd+r)
- Reseated the RAM
- Reformatted the HDD
- Booting into a recovery CD (direct CD from Apple) did not work
- Booting into single user mode did not work (shift)

Does anyone have any ideas?

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December 18, 2015 at 13:34:20
Are you saying that it would not boot into the installed Mac OS once the upgrade process started (and appears to have failed)?

And that ultimately you reformatted the Mac HD - the only one you would be able to access?

And that you cannot access the recovery drive option - which I would expect if you have reformatted the Mac HD?

Do you have another Mac system available: and if so can you remove the hard drive from the duff Mac and connect via usb to the working Mac? If so then you may be able to at lest access/view the "faulty" drive;and presuming so (via Disk Utility) reformat it?

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December 18, 2015 at 14:34:31
To boot into Internet Recovery you need to press Cmd-Opt-R. But is your Mac new enough to support Internet Recovery? As you were running Vista it may not be.

If you could not boot from anything, even an OS X DVD, how did you format the hard drive? It sounds as if you may have overwritten the recovery partition by the format (if there was one in the first place). If you were able to format the hard disk then it sounds as if it is working.

So what happens when you try to boot from an OS X DVD? What messages do you get, or what appears on the screen? Ultimately, if you can't get it to boot from known working media you are going to have to take it to an Apple Store or a shop that deals with Macs.

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