Solved I can not SEND emails in outlook only receive

January 19, 2015 at 02:32:32
Specs: Macintosh 10.6.8
Hi I wonder if you can help me. I have outlook and can receive mails and connect to the internet BUT I can not send mails from my desk top nor my I phone.

Is this something you can advise on or fix?
Cheers Claudine

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January 19, 2015 at 03:13:50
Have you carefully checked the account settings in Outlook? Check the server settings are correct (they are very specific. (Which version of MS Office/Outlook are you using?).

Are you try to set p a pop3 account via MS Office/Outlook, and if so which one? Do not post your actual email account address/logon here when you respond to the question re' pop3 etc.; just which type of account; yahoo, gmail, (the last one is what used to be hotmail).

Can you send emails via the Mac OS built in mail package?

OS 10.6.8 is Snow Leopard if I remember correctly?

Where are you located; who provides your internet service?

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January 19, 2015 at 14:38:46
Thanks for your reply!
Your questions are challenging.
I have checked the settings they are correct.
The provider Club Telco agrees the settings are ok
Snow Leopard I don't think so
MS Office 2011
Reg Pop up 3 and do I send e mails via the Mc OS in mail package I need to investigate not sure what that means...
You seam to be a expert! Thanks for now cheers

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January 19, 2015 at 15:50:13
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Mac OSX includes a basic email package/utility - which can be configured variously for pop3 and other possibles...

All I show for my pop3 (BT account in the UK) is my bt pop3 account logon and password in its preferences).

That is accessed by clicking on the postage stamp icon; then clicking on file/accounts.. There you can see what account(s) are already enabled (your logon/password for each); and other assorted types of accounts/email providers etc. you can use - if you have an account with them.

The Macmail setup routine is pretty straightforward as I recall; been a while since I set it up...

Mac OSX 10.6.8 is known as Snow Leopard in Apple-land...

What is the incoming and outgoing server for your email provider; and who is it? If it's the your isp then who is that. If you're trying to send emails from something like hotmail (now or yahoo, or Gmail etc - via M$ Office/Outlook - which one is it?

I have dug out Club Telco (in Oz-land?)

Presuming you're using Club Telco for your email/pop3 account this page may be useful to read through?

In Outlook 2011 on the first "window" for the account details you enter the appropriate info for incoming and outgoing servers (as on the page immediately above). Your user name and password are the same as set up for the email account. Uncheck all other "tick" boxes (if checked).

click on More Options

Since your incoming and outgoing servers are different (they aren't always) you need to select "user name and password" option from the drop down there. Enter those details (they are the same as in the first window). Click OK.

Go to "Advanced" - Server tab - and check the "leave copies on the server" button; set the drop down to Never. That way copies of all emails remain on the server (wherever it is) even after you have downloaded them via Outlook 2011. The default setting is to delete them from the server as soon as Outlook 2011 has downloaded them to your computer; not a good idea! Click OK. Leave the Security tab settings untouched.

On the first window check the incoming server port is 110; the outgoing is 25.

My BT account is set up as above and works fine.

Possible reasons why it won't work - disable firewall (briefly) and see it that allows it work; not usually an issue but then who knows?

If you have any antivirus utility running - temporarily disable it. AVG will block outbound mail from Outlook 2011; they know about it but haven't resolved it. Possibly other antivirus utils do the same on Macs running Outlook 2011?

This discussion seems to centre around a similar situation to yours; perhaps have a read too if the above suggestions don't resolve it for you?

Incidentally - I'm no expert; but do run Mac OS currently and had similar problems with Outlook 2011 and outgoing mail. I discovered the AVG item mentioned earlier; and also the default settings re' leaving (or not) mail on servers.

Not every pop3 account requires separate/different server entries for incoming and outgoing mail; some do, some don't. Club Telco appears to use one for incoming and another for outgoing; so you have to provide the outgoing as above (including your logon/password for your email account).

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January 19, 2015 at 16:41:45
Re' using Mac mail with pop3...

This is Based on one email provider and may give you some idea about it?

And this is specific to club telco with your version of Mac osx:

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January 20, 2015 at 21:42:32
Hi again

I was at a loss although you seam to be very knowledgeable about the issue. Anyhow I called a outlook help line and paid some money and 6 hrs later it worked. there was a block on the IP address and other issues. Its going well for me now and I hope its fixed. Puhhh
Thanks for your help and kind regards from Down Under

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January 21, 2015 at 02:55:00
Thank you for the update.

Why was there a block on the ip address, and whose ip address was it? Ip addresses are usually blocked if they are considered a risk (viruses, spam etc.).

Who blocked the ip address in question? If it was related to your isp, again why was it blocked, and by whom?

Rare occasions happen when a server goesa little awry, and requires a reset (reboot). If that was one of your isp's servers, then they ought to have found and and resolved it (for free) as part of their service, support - and contract?

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January 21, 2015 at 03:53:05
I got notified that there was block in my network IP path. They say the e mail account and IP gets blocked byintern Spam Block list in Policy and Composite Block and that they found hacking and suspicious tools in my ip address. my IP address was blocked in Policy Block List (PBL). No Idea why I my IP address ended up on the black list and got blocked.
Well I don't know really all sound like French to me. But the email in and out still works and if its fixed for good it was worth every dollar spent.
Fingers crossed......

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January 21, 2015 at 06:03:37
Could be someone had attempted to spoof emails using your account details; possibly too a whole group (scope) of ip addresses were blocked. Some of them legitimately so and some perhaps (yours for example) not so.

But at least you are now up and running...

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January 21, 2015 at 16:11:54
Hmm never know what people are up to. Can I get one more advise from you. I purchased the MS Office 2011 on the internet because it was MUCH less then form a shop. Is it advisable to buy it from the net?
cheers from aussieland

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January 21, 2015 at 23:50:31
Can be risky buying on the internet. Some of the copies are cloned copies; illegal. Often provide a key that is either bogus; or one of many that is farmed out with the illegaly made dvds - thus more than one disk with that key - and either may not work for long (if at all) before it ceases to.

Some are genuine too - dvds and the key; but usually cost more...?

OEM copies of software are often offered, and are cheaper - but of course have their limitations. Can' t remember if OEM is just the OS itself or not; I think it is...

I have an eBay reference discussing how to determine if what tis offered is genuine and thus safe to buy, or not. I will try to dig it out and post here.

I harve successfuly bought MS software off the web and it's beeb OK. Also have an Outlook (2010?) dvd that is fake. Bought it off eBay. eBay did deal with it and refunded... The disk (key) was flagged by MS as not genuine when I tried to register it on-line.

Overall it's a case of "caveat emptor" (buyer beware); and at the least buy from sources that "will" refund etc. if the product (whatever it is) turns out not to be genuine etc.?

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January 22, 2015 at 02:33:49
Thanks again for your valuable information. You are truly a very knowledg. person in the computer world.
I can only tick one best answer otherwise I would click on all of them.
Wishing you only the best

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January 22, 2015 at 03:38:15
The eBay link I referred to above appears to be defunct now; although I think the actual poster of it is still around... However these may be of interest and they cover the same information as in the the link to which I referred earlier:

Key items are the nature of "hologram" design on the dvd; the "bar graph thread"; and also the assortment of key used. Some of those keys are genuine; but actually volume licenses. Volume licenses are bulk licenses; and once the number of installations allowed to be activated under that volume license has been reached - the volume license won't work for any more thereafter. Any existing licensed installations will of course still work; if legitimately used. But for those volume licenses that have been "sold on as it were" it may happen that a re-activation may fail at some future time...; and equally that at any time - even without re-activation - it may suddenly fail (during updates etc.).

As I understand it, genuine M$ software is usually made in Puerto Rico or Ireland; and will say that on the box etc. However that's not firm guarantee as many fakes will also claim that too. And as pointed out in one of the above links points out "Ingram" is often used a means of suggesting the product is genuine, when in fact it's fake. Genuine Ingram branded stuff is OK of course...

I have an Outlook 2010 disk that is marked being sold from/by Ingram etc.; and until one looks very closely it appears to be a genuine M$ disk.. It is fake - as I mentioned in an earlier post as it failed on activation. eBay did refund of course - to their credit. Having read the information in one of the links above re' making a fake genuine (activating it legally) I may yet try that out...

OEM is usually the best way to get legit software at a discounted price; but with an awareness of the limitations of the license etc... Otherwise it's the Student pack (if one can qualify); or the Family packs - which allow 2 or 3 users to install it...?

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