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Solved How to back up and clean a computer

June 9, 2014 at 09:09:49
Specs: Windows 7
I have a MAC desktop about 4 years old and would like to replace. What is the best way to back up my information? What is the easiest and securist? What do I do after that to eliminate any trace of me on the computer before I chose to sell it? Thanks!

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June 9, 2014 at 12:37:29
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Time Machine is the standard Apple/Mac way of backing up data etc; in fact the whole system if you wish... But I would double up that by also using another (external) storage medium as well; and not on the same hard drive as Time Machine is storing its backups.

Another option is to use an external hard drive; and simply "copy" all your "stuff" to it.

Whichever - also make DVD copies too - as no storage medium can be considered totally safe from failures...

Bearing in mind that Mac OS can read ntfs - but not write to it (without an add-in utility)... even better is to get an NAS (Network Area Storage) system; and once configured correctly simply copy data to it over your LAN. Most of the NAS I am familiar with use a Linux based OS to drive them; and over a LAN file formats are abstracted (eliminated) from the considerations with regard to accessing data - regardless of OS involved wishing to use it... So any OS can access/use the data on an NAS (as long as permissions allow of course).

These links discusses assorted approaches to writing to ntfs drives from Mac OS... Worth a look-see at least?

Equally you could format an external drive as HPFS and simply copy data there, as obviously Mac OS "like" HPFS...

Again - I would also copy "stuff" (that is important) to DVD as well. "Always" wise(r) to have two different backup media at any time - if possible? Be it two different hard drives; or a hard drive and assorted DVDs...

I think a reformat of the Mac drive - once you are absolutely certain you have safeguarded "all" your personal stuff elsewhere - would ensure the drive is clear of any of your personal information?

And if you re-install the OS afresh of course afterwards... that will render any recovery of your personal stuff even more difficult - unless the new user is a super hacker (or NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, RCMP, KGB etc. (and even NCIS...)

However a brief trawl via google re' removing personal stuff etc. brings up more specific ideas. This first one seems to be the perfect approach - perhaps simpler/easier (and more experienced) than mine...?

I used the string/search words:

delete all personal data mac os x

in google to find the above; and suggest you repeat that trawl to se a few more - if so inclined...

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