Forgot Password for Mac just forgot my mac pa

May 3, 2011 at 20:45:13
Specs: Macintosh
i would like to use ryton234 as my password

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May 7, 2011 at 00:01:26
First of all, welcome to the Mac forum! :)

Secondly, what are you trying to do? The post title mentions that you have forgotten your password, but you state in the actual post you want your password to be something...

There are ways of fixing forgotten passwords. One of them is to boot off the OS X disc that you have by pressing C immediately after the chime, and going to Reset Password...

Another way is to boot into Single User Mode with Command+S. Type in with no quotes "passwd root" and type in a new password. You will not see any keystrokes echoed back to you. Press return. Repeat typing the password, and pressing return. If you are lucky, when the Mac starts back up, you can either click "Other..." in the Login window, and type root. Press tab, type your password, and press return. Or, in a non-list window version, type in root, then your password in the other box.

Now, the second method mentioned really depends on your Mac's configuration--and won't work with all Macs. Assuming the second method does indeed work for you, go ahead and go to System Preferences... from the Apple menu. Click Accounts in the System category that appears in the System Preferences application window. Unlock the preference pane by clicking the padlock icon and giving your credentials to the Mac. When you are done with that, click your account in the left pane. Change your password, click Show All in System Preferences, go to the Apple menu, and click Restart... Click Restart again or press return when the dialog appears.

The third method is that some Macs, when locked with FileVault, and multiple new passwords are set with no permissions repair taking place, can then "forget" you set a new password. Try typing an older password into FileVault and see if you are granted access. Or, if you think you may have typed too fast when setting a new password, try seeing if you can play with the Shift key or keys close to the ones you typed when you type your password. If you manage to log in, follow the instructions for System Preferences listed in the last method to update your password.

Fourthly, are you the sole owner/administrator/user of the Mac? If not, perhaps another administrator would be kind enough to let you reset your password.

Now, if all else fails, find your OS X disc. You will need to insert it, restart your Mac, and hold down the C key after the chime. Follow the steps outlined in the Installer application. Choose to Archive & Install when prompted.

Whatever of these solutions that you choose to follow, you will ultimately need to open Disk Utility by going to the Go menu from the Finder. Click Utilities from that menu, then in the Utilities folder, open Disk Utility. Select your hard drive in the left pane. In the First Aid pane, click Repair Disk Permissions. Hopefully, you have learned the valuable lesson from this that you will need to be more careful when you set passwords, and repair disk permissions at least every two weeks to optimize permissions performance. Also: a few tips--do NOT post your password publicly on the Web, and make your password one you will recall, but that alternates symbols, alphanumeric keys, and use of the Shift key.

I hope that this assists you in solving your problem. Let me know if you have any further questions or information. Thank you for posting--it's been a pleasure to help today. :)

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