Filevault locked account!! need help!!

April 30, 2010 at 09:19:11
Specs: Mac OSX Snow Leopard
I am currently having trouble logging into my only account on my 2009 macbook pro.
I used Filevault for the first time and was waiting for it to finish, when it was done, it logged out of my account and would not let me get back in. I know the password is correct and i've even changed the password but it still wont let me in. When i do attempt it acts like its logging in for a couple seconds, then i get a filevault message saying, "unable to log in to filevault account <name> at this time because of an error.

Also, i have windows 7 partitioned on my hardrive and as of now it is the only way i can use my mac.


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May 12, 2010 at 11:46:49

I had a problem 2 years ago when I locked myself out of my account using FileVault. I guess the use of this security tools are not meant to be for apprentices me included. Or you need a basic induction.

Long story short there is a workaround:
You need to become a super user SUDO to have access to the "root", this is UNIX system related. Kind of the principles for "Neo" to become so powerful in the Matrix.

If you have only one user you may need to create a new user with Administrator privileges and start from there. I don't know if you can do this with from the "Guess" account but you can try this first. Either way:

This is for OSX.6 (on OSX.5 and before there are other procedures. Tell me if you need them.

Go to:
System Preferences / View / Accounts
Click on the lock and use your Admin password
Click Login Options
Click the "Edit..." or "Join..." button
Click on "Open Directory Utility..."
Click the lock in the Directory Utility window
Enter an administrator account name and password, click OK
Choose Enable Root User from the Edit menu
Enter the root password you want in both the Password and Verify fields, click OK.

Now you need to log in as:
User: root
PW: root PW you created.

Once in you will have all your files. But you may need to create a new user for yourself and delete the problematic one, I think this is what I did. But hey, I am not an expert so you need to use some logic with all this procedure.

One final advise, don't use to much the SUDO user as you have to much power you don't know you have on your Mac and you may end up having a bigger problem.

Happy matrix tripping!

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July 12, 2010 at 16:00:31
Several years ago, running 10.4.11 "Tiger", I locked myself
out once when I changed a password on it and it wouldn't
take the password I set! I know how you feel about this! It
wasn't until several months later I discovered why it wasn't

If you have not repaired permissions, I highly recommend
you do so, because that is what caused the problem.
Weirdly enough, another Mac that I was close to
encountering the same problem with took the old password
instead of the new one.

This may sound really weird and simple, but if you did not
repair your permissions first, try your old password. I'm also
aware to set up FileVault in the first place, you need to set
a Master Password. Did you try that? Or did you lock
yourself out of both?

Try logging into your account with the old and the new
password. Then, if all else fails, relay to the master
password--the old and new as well.

And, a little tip: be extremely careful when typing
passwords! A slip of the finger can result in pressing a key
that you would have never thought you pressed. Hope all
this helps! Good luck with this and as the British say

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July 12, 2010 at 16:04:11
Politely adding one more thing.

The FileVault image is a .sparseimage extension--a variant
of an OS X disk image with encryption supported. The way
I understand it--your account becomes a sealed up file that
you can't break into. Your only hope is to either boot from
an OS X disk and reset the password, or try to normally

Has all this helped you?

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