Excel on Mac - Help Files won't open

May 22, 2011 at 16:36:21
Specs: Windows XP Home 2002, Asrock 2.8GHz / 2 Gb
Hi! I'm the Office forum moderator and I'm posting this Excel related question here in the Mac forum because I'm pretty sure I won't get an answer in the Office forum. I know Excel very well, but I'm a Windows based user and this problem appears to be Mac specific.

Here's the problem...

My daughter is running Excel 2008 on a MacBook Pro under OS 10.5.8.

We can't use the Help files accessed via the ? in Excel.

She's had the Mac for about 2 years and I can't say for sure if the Help files ever worked. She doesn't use Excel.

The Help files for Word & PowerPoint work fine.

Here are the symptoms. I hope someone can help me out.

When I click on the ? in Excel the Help page opens. If I enter a search term and hit enter, I briefly see the spinner, but no Help file opens.

If I click on the Topics icon, nothing happens. I've tried both Online & Offline.

If I enter a function in a cell, I can access the Help files via the function hyperlink. That works fine for functions, but it doesn't help for features like sorting, formatting, etc. You know, thinhs that you need to Search for in the Help files.

I downloaded the latest Office update this morning but it didn't resolve the issue.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this issue?


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May 22, 2011 at 19:15:34
Here's a link that may offer more assistance:




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May 26, 2011 at 09:26:22

Thanks for the link. I'll let you know if they are able to help me out in those forums.

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