Dual Boot Setup on Macbook Pro

February 24, 2010 at 14:17:44
Specs: OS X Snow leopard / Windows XP Home
How do you install Win XP Home as the second operating system on the intel based Macbook Pro ? I hold the C button to boot from the external Firewire DVD drive and I get an error message that reads
" No Bootable Device Found "

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June 21, 2010 at 14:22:35
I know its a few months away on this post but I thought I
would type this to all websites with this problem.


I came across this error recently and i did discover a few
thigns about it and EVENTUALLY i got it to work.

Again im another of these people whos internal dvd drive
broke and I purchased a Lacie External dvd drive (In the box
there was a firewire and a USB cable) Normally I was using
the firewire cable dvd drive.

Well this is what I did:

1.First I downloaded rEFIt
and installed it, (make sure you reboot mac twice so finish
installation of rEFIt)
on the 2nd reboot a grey screen either
-you see a Mac harddrive icon with "rEFIT" (in which case
press Enter)
-The rEFIt menu comes up
(Select the Macintosh icon for now)

2.Used the Bootcamp assistant to create a partition at desired

3.Dont press the install button for windows yet!, press Quit
and install later on the bootcamp.

4.Then go to system preferences, startup disc and make sure
Mac is highlighted, then close the window.

5. If your external dvd drive is currently connected by the
firewire cable take it out!!! use the USB cable instead.

6.Open Bootcamp assistant again and press "Start
installation of windows xp"

7.With the rEFit menu that comes up, select "Boot windows
from cd"

8.If all was successful the black screen will come up saying
something similar to "Windows is now setting up"

9. Windows will install normally but the screen that asks
about what Partition to use, make sure you press Bootcamp
(FAT 32)

10. On the next screen which has formating options, press
"Format the partition using the NTFS file system (Quick)".

11. It then worked normaly, enjoy your windows! (Remember
to insert the mac os X disc once fully installed to install

This is what I did to get it work, I hope this helps other
people, When i was trying to get it to work I was looking on
1000s of sites which some had some solutions but none
worked for me, I had to try and figure it out myself but
eventually I managed to get it to work.
Yeah for some people this technique may not work but this is
what I did and it solved everything.

I Hope this helped

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June 22, 2010 at 20:21:21
Use Boot Camp!!. You absolutely need Boot Camp to install any
Windows system on any Mac.

Go to this Apple link for a complete guide:

And this link to download:

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June 30, 2010 at 20:19:39
jecs is correct. You must use bootcamp. It is in the Utilities folder.

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