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Cannot access eBay via Safari or Iron - only via Firefox

April 24, 2015 at 15:05:35
Specs: Mac OSX Mavericks, ???
Started having intermittent connection problems with a day or so ago. Would either take an age to load, or often require a "nudge"...; but this afternoon refuses to load properly. Tried it with both Safari and Iron browsers...

Page opens up/flashes briefly before going back to blank (white) screen.

Will open OK with Firefox...

Cleared out cache for safari; done a Safari reset routine - still no joy...

Avast anti-virus - temporarily disabled - still no joy; so re-enabled it...

I have both a Macbook Pro and a Mac Mini... and the problem exists with Snow Leopard - and Mavericks OS;

That the problem persists in two different operating systems (both Mac) and the same browser.. has me wondering... What am I missing here?

There appears to be no problem opening in Safari etc.. - only the site...

The problem has apparently occurred in the past between Safari and eBay (and occasionally even Amazon too) - according to results from a google trawl to find a resolution...

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April 24, 2015 at 15:41:58
Done a little more research... seems to be an issue with Adblock and eBay and Safari. AdBlock has been fine - until now - when installed/enabled in Safari.

Disabled Adblock briefly and thus OK to access However re-enable Adblock and problem returns... But again no problems with site... with Adblock enabled or not...

mmm - Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated...; having run Adblock for an age with no problems don't wish to lose it...

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April 24, 2015 at 15:52:32
And even more research... and a resolution; which may be useful info. for others having the same problem...?

Seems eBay is playing around with its Advertising etc... and Adblocker is thus blocking them (actually the whole site). The link below discusses it and posts a resolution; which having tried (updated filters) page opens OK again (for now...).

The above website is built around Facebook - which I don't use and refuse to... So sadly I can't post a thank you to the pholks there... But at least can give them a credit/an acknowledgement here...

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