can i copy files between users on mac

March 24, 2011 at 09:58:48
Specs: Macintosh
Trying to copy photos from 1 user profile to another on MAc. Every time I use a Flash Drive, the Mac suddenly decides to make the Flash Read Only and whilst it appears empty it has no space left. HELP!

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March 28, 2011 at 22:55:59
Please eloborate whether you want to move files from a user's home folder to a flash drive, or literally between folders. In any case, this assumes OS X 10.5 or later; here's the steps required:

To move files in any fashion, and to gain complete administrative privileges, open Terminal. You can start Spotlight from the extreme right-hand top corner of the screen. Type term and click Terminal. Type in sudo -s in the new shell window. Type in your password. It will be invisible to avoid being copied or logged by default. Press enter and type passwd root. Type in a new root password to activate the root account. From the Apple menu (at the top left corner of the screen) open System Preferences. Click Accounts from the System category, and click Login Options. Select to type in the username and password, rather than choosing a list. Close System Preferences.

With Spotlight, open Disk Utility like you did Terminal. (Type disk util instead of term.) Click on the hard disk, and in the First Aid pane, click Repair Disk Permissions. This will ensure there are no errors in the steps that will be after this one.

Finally, log out of your account using Log Out from the Apple menu. Type in root and the root password that you assigned into the window, and press return. Open the folders in the Finder that you want to copy, and copy the files to their destinations.

When complete, log out of the root account. The root account is a security hazard when enabled, so in your account, open the Spotlight menu extra. Type Directory Utility and open it. From the Edit menu, Disable Root User. Type in your password if necessary. You're done.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you today--it was a pleasure. If the answer given was helpful to you, please give it a thumbs up as a way of saying "thank you". If you have more questions, please

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March 29, 2011 at 09:07:28
Thanks. I actually managed it through the Users folder.

Can you help as to why the Mac converts Flash Drives into Read only. Even though they are empty, it is saying they are full, read only and will not let me change their preferences??

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March 29, 2011 at 21:01:57
It sounds like your flash drive is formatted as NTFS (windows) file system. OS X can read, but not write to a NTFS formatted drive. If you use the drive with Windows machines, you can format the drive as FAT32, which Macs can read and write to, or if you only use it with your Mac, you can format the drive as HFS+ (OS X's file system). Both can be done by using DIsk Utility (in your Applications/Utilities folder). If you want to leave the drive formatted as NTFS, you need to install Macfuse/NTFS-3G on your Mac which will allow you to read and write to the drive.

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