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June 19, 2019 at 15:25:57
Specs: linux, ???
I have a chum - more or less non computer savvy; other than how to use it as an office machine; and so on.

He has a very elderly XP-Pro tower; don't have its specs to hand just now. It is not generally used although he has some accounting system on it which he iis still of a mind to use on occasion (if possible!).

It was given an "less than legal" upgrade from Home to Pro by a local store some long time ago; and the key "they" used is no-longer working. M$-land blocked it as more than likely it's corporate key ripped off or a bulk key likewise - and again no-longer valid...

At present it won't boot up properly, and may be overheating a little too; a project first on my list when I get the beast in real time. It hasn't been booted up for about a year. Either it starts and crashes almost immediately; or else gets so far, offers to go to a restore point which it does... Goes back to 2002 and runs a short while before shutting down. If it doesn't go for restore points it "may"... - occasionally - boot to 2018 before crashing - shutting down.

The above paragraph/info I get from my chum over the phone and via emails.

Presuming it will let me, and that the shut downs aren't heat related but something akin to current software installation.. then

I have a few unused OEM sets to hand; one of which I intend to install; ideally a repair install - if it will let me. Failing which I'll put it in a second version of XP-Pro.

Efforts a while to upgrade from the current installation of sp2 to sp3 failed - on account it seems of the invalid key... A bootable sp3 disk couldn't complete it... The upgrade simply wouldn't complete.

When using a slip streamed sp3 into XP-Pro installation disk was used, the system again flagged out over the invalid key; or else simply hung...

However with XP now seriously at risk if on line... I'm considering introducing him to a flavour of Linux. Which brings me to my main question.

For a totally non IT savvy type, which version would easiest for him to use?

He has a Canon mp620 inkjet printer too which still works fine; especially on his Mac system - which is his main tool these days. I note sfter a Google trawl that there appears to some sort of generic, or one size fits most, driver out there in Linux-land. At least when I put in Canon mp620 Linux drivers I do get what appear to be a hit or three?

Any advice on the Linux flavour at least would be muchly appreciated; my own knowledge is by no means great in that regard. Anything re' the printer would be a useful bonus!

I would likely go for a dual boot Linux + a working version of XP-Pro if possible. No doubt the how to get that set up is in Google-land?

I've put this in Linux forum as that is were my own knowledge is somewhat scant; and I know there are few here much more savvy on it than me. Any comments/advice re' the XP side (resolving that issue of getting a working version installed - ideally dual bot anon) will also be muchly appreciated...

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June 19, 2019 at 17:51:31
Suggestion would be Puppy, assuming the machine isn't too old. But almost any distro can be run from CD/DVD (as a "trial run" or forever), assuming the machine has an optical drive (and from your description, it does):

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June 19, 2019 at 18:48:27
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If the system has 1GB RAM or more, I recommend Linux Mint Xfce 32-bit.

Zorin OS Lite is another possibility. Its hardware requirements are a lower (512MB RAM).

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