Solved Unable to allocate free space in external hdd

January 5, 2018 at 09:23:18
Specs: KALI LINUX, 4 gb
I am using a Mac book Air 128 GB, 4 GB ram.
I am already using Windows along with Mac OS with Dual Boot.
I recently took upon the Ethical Hacking course which needs Linux, but due to lack of available space on my laptop I installed KALI LINUX on my external HDD. I have a 1 TB WD elements external HDD with USB 3.0
After many errors I finally installed Kali Linux on my hdd and it fired up wel. But during the process of setting up the partitions I completely erased the drive and allocated around 300 gb for KALI.
Now I am not able to allocate the free space left out which is around 700 gb for using it as a Simple Volume (same as we allocate the free space after partitioning the drive).
when I booted to windows to allocate the free space for Simple Volume it gives an error saying :
The operation is not supported by the object

So if I want to use KALI LINUX, I wont be able to use the remaining empty space?

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January 5, 2018 at 13:41:56
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I don't know about Macs, but Windows cannot read Linux partitions. You will have to delete the partition(s), create a new one, then format using the file system of your choice. You should be able to do it with Windows Disk Management. Why didn't you just create a bootable flash drive with Kali on it?

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