Trying to Remove Linux Completely

August 21, 2011 at 18:34:14
Specs: CentOS 5.5
I have installed Centos 5.5 a while back and completely removed windows from my system. I have the CentOS disk and it will not run to allow me to remove Linux off my HD. I am using a Dell Optiplex, and I had Windows XP on it.I try to do the #dd command in linux's command prompt (GRUB) and I keep getting unrecognized command. I don't want to go out and buy a new Hard Drive. What do I do? I tried to put in the windowsXP disk and it will not load the XP setup even.

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August 22, 2011 at 01:38:40
You may have to change the boot priority in the system bios, to boot from CD/DVD first, to boot from windows xp installation cd.

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August 22, 2011 at 05:05:05
The boot order has to be correct, then you'll need to boot off the Windows CD, wipe out all partitioning, create new partitons, format as NTFS, then continue with the installation.

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August 22, 2011 at 18:59:04
You don't uninstall linux. As above you boot to some cd/dvd that works to use it's partition tool.

Diag why xp disk won't boot.

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