password reset issue - fails

June 8, 2020 at 12:14:02
Specs: Linux 6, lots
So this is the issue: I'm trying to change the password of a given user.

I can do, cause I can get to the root user via "sudo su -" from another account.

So, login with my known user/password, SUDO to root, then change the password of the account:

passwd username

It asks twice for the password, it doesn't state that it is too short, or too easy or what.
It says it has updated the tokens for the password.

Then comes the issue; the new password just doesn't work. I know I can make mistakes with passwords, but I checked and double-checked: it says my password is wrong.

There must be something else wrong with it, but I can't find what it is.
The user in question is actually running processes. I can "su -" to it (from root), but that doesn't ask for a password obviously.

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June 8, 2020 at 14:34:47
I don't use Linux (on Mac systems which are somewhat similar to Linux in some ares; and both are based on Unix).

But interested in this one nonetheless; so dun a we trawl sing duckduckgo (better than google) and found these - amongst many possibles:

And there are several Linux gurus here who may offer other more experienced input too. But check the above out whilst waiting?

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June 9, 2020 at 13:52:24
That is interesting, but it mostly explains the intended usage of the password reset utility

The thread is about an issue with it ... and I've sort of found what's going on.
If you use "sudo su -" you become Root and you can "su -" to any user of choice ...
... but, if you then try to "su -" any further, it asks for a password ... and that just doesn't work. No matter if the password is actually correct or not.

What does work, is to just loging straight with the intended (non-root) user & the correct password, and that works OK. Well, if that wouldn't work, that would be some issue.

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