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April 25, 2011 at 18:23:59
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I'm already learning the lingo by spotting my mistakes! Of course, i should have said that I've got Lubuntu 10.10 on the pen drive, with persistence. I'm guessing this means that changes I make will be stored and be loaded each time I boot into Lubuntu?

How does the installation of other, non-default programs work with the Live CD/pen drive setup work? For example, I would want to use Thunderbird and not have to install it and set it all up each and every time.

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April 26, 2011 at 09:25:21
There are some drawbacks to a live usb that you have. I tend to make mine the way you did.

Persistence is a virtual file system, that is blended in so to speak, so that it gets added in a transparent way to the original live cd stuff. What you see is the original live cd data and the persistence as one. Remember it is still two files. On can not be changed.

When you add any file to the now seemingly normal install you can change some stuff. Most applications can be added. Problem comes in with the apps that require the original live cd part to be edited. This is where the way you did it fails. It can't edit the original cd image.

You will find that many common programs work great but when you try to use any sort of update to the distro it will fail. Some very technical apps will fail. Most home user stuff will be fine.

Use the software manager or package manager or apt-get install to add in software.

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