Linux / ubunutu info please.

January 5, 2010 at 11:16:52
Specs: Windows XP
What advantages does Linux have over
windows 7? a friend told me its so much better
but this is the first time i have ever heard of it,
same with Ubunutu what is good about it?
cause my friend actually gave me windows 7
for free cause he said he hated it compared to
linux / ubunutu.

One thing i have seen is that it doesnt get
viruses but thats it, im looking to maybe use it
once just to see how it is, Does it give faster
boots? better gaming? and what is it in general
cause all i know is that its a OS, ect.... just
would like to know thnx.

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January 5, 2010 at 15:47:17
Without picking the two OS's apart, the only advantage worth mentioning is price.

The latest flavors of Linux distros, like Ubuntu 9.10, when stacked up against Windows 7 show some advantages and some disadvantages in each.



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January 6, 2010 at 09:32:59
Skip, how did you know I would say something? OK, since you asked....

I have been playing with linux/bsd since the 80's.
My opinion....
It is not better or safer as such. It is just different.

The best way to try these are by booting to live cd/dvd's. The OS runs off the CD and while slower, it should not mess up your Win7.

Second best way would be to run what is called a virtual machine. It is a program that mimics a computer all in software. See Vmplayer 3, or Virtualbox or VirtualPC. All free for personal use. In fact the vmplayer site had pre-built files that are instantly usable as a virtual computer.

There is no OS that is immune to outside attacks if connected to the internet. The most modern still can be hacked in under an hour.

Try a few live cd's or virtual machines and play with them for a hands on test. Might try linux mint 8 for an attractive and good working example.

As for Windows 7 I think they finally got it almost as stable as Warp OS/2.

Most people are very visually persuaded. Windows 7 does appeal to many. It is also the best supported in terms of software and hardware. There is no way you could play the games you have on linux yet.

Linux has many strengths as Skip states. It is a free replacement for web servers, file servers and industrial computing tasks. It is lately usable for many home and soho users. High end games are still Windows only. High end applications and many technical apps are windows only.

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January 6, 2010 at 12:49:43
jefro, this statement was what caught my attention.

"cause my friend actually gave me windows 7
for free cause he said he hated it compared to
linux / ubunutu."

Wish I had a friend who felt that far as passing on this "hated" software anyway.

Linux distros have matured in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years and that's great. But, a part of the standing of a distro like Ubuntu 9.10 or the newest RedHat is due to improvements in FireFox, OpenOffice, and the ongoing improvements in security.

Like you said, "...web servers, file servers and industrial computing tasks." spawned security improvements and will make Linux more friendly for home/soho users.

"There is no OS that is immune to outside attacks if connected to the internet. The most modern still can be hacked in under an hour."

Yeah, been saying that for years when someone tells me how secure "Linux" and FireFox is...


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January 6, 2010 at 13:30:19
I kind of passed over that "free" deal. We need a pal or two that doesn't like his Corvette.

I agree that many distros can be used by kids to Granny for many tasks with some or little training as long as they use common hardware and the basic software like a web browser or OpenOffice. I am still a fan of Opera since they made a browser for my old time BeOS.

I just don't like the brown Ubuntu theme.

The people that write code for Linux tend to be out of touch with the common user. I think that is why it takes so long to be easy to use. Smart people find it hard to make things easy.

Playing to the angels
Les Paul (1915-2009)

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January 6, 2010 at 20:06:32
Vista pushed me into the Linux world & I'm glad for that. I'm far from being an expert but I have tried quite a few distros until I found one or two that I liked. Although I'm not a fan of Ubuntu, I do like some of the Ubuntu based distros. I'm currently running Mint xfce on two older systems - one's an AthlonXP 1600+ w/768MB PC133 & the other's a P4 2.53GHz w/512MB PC2700. I also liked Mepis & may give it another look. I think they're both a little more user friendly than 'plain' Ubuntu.

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January 8, 2010 at 12:55:43
Jefro. Ubuntu comes in a KDE and GNOME flavour as you may be aware. The GUI is easily changeable. Iv been using Ubuntu for some time and started with 5.10. Matter of fact im still running it as i dont sooo much work on the distro that i couldnt be asked with the myriad of errors that arose when i updated the Kernel. There were a ton of errors with the distro in years gone by but its by far one of the most easiest and stablest distro's to use. I dont see any comparisons between it and Windows 7 though. There very different. The only main difference though is one is open source under the GPL and wont cost you a bean along with all the apps. Windows 7 on the other hand is a proprietary solution. The decision to go for which one is easily decided by the depth of your wallet.

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January 10, 2010 at 10:30:34
I dual boot Windows 7 and openSUSE Linux. I use Linux most of the time just because I don't worry about viruses. Another nice thing about Linux is the software manager. You don't have to search for websites that have the software you need. With the software manager it shows you what is already installed, what can be upgraded, and any new software you can install. You tell it to install software of your choice and then it does all the search and install work for you. The downside of Linux (at least for me) was that it took a lot more time and work to get it setup to my liking. Speed seems be the same between the two (I have a Dual Core CPU) OS's. And, what somebody else already mentioned, is that Linux is free.

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January 10, 2010 at 12:56:15
Thanks for the info guys, i think i'll use linux for work, college and projects, maybe keep a copy of things on it and surf the net cause of "less" viruses. Would have loved to use it only instead of both linux and windows 7 but i cant really game on it.

thanks guys, o and im oldmanjenkins...forgot the password so made this one xD

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January 21, 2010 at 03:13:47
I am using Ubuntu 9.10 now dual booting with Win 7 I am trying to learn Linux simply because I want to get into the computer repair industry. I keep going back to windows though. I think I am just spoiled by the interface after all it until recently is all I had ever used. I am finding I can do pretty much everything with Linux that I do in windows. Some things are easier some things take a little navigating. The different terminology messes me up now and again.


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