How do I reinstall grub2?

December 18, 2010 at 13:33:26
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Ok, so first of all thanks to anyone taking the time to read this and give any of their help. Now to the problem, I have two HDDs a 120gb and an 80gb, the 80gb(sda) is setup as the master and the 120gb(sdb) is the slave. I had a Linux swap partition and a Linux partition on sdb, then on sda I had a Windows partition and another partition for files. One day I decided I wanted both Windows and Linux on sda and have sdb for storage, that could be accessed in Windows or Linux, So I successfully move the sdb5 Linux installation to sda3 and tried booting it and it was fine. But there is one downside grub2 that is install is storing its files on sdb5, but I want it to store its files on sda3 so I can format sdb and use if for storage. So how would I reinstall grub2 so that it puts what it needs on sda3 instead of sdb5.

Thanks for any help, Whitehat

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December 18, 2010 at 14:14:02
Use a distro with grub version that you use and run it from that. Other ways too but that is usually easy. Then you may have to edit any errors later.

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