Help on blocking hostile remote host

October 29, 2018 at 11:59:30
Specs: Android, Windows 10, Quad 4
How do I get sanSARI Terrarium remote rogue blackhat users of my Network. They tunneled in using Teredo remotely, pinged my open ports, setup a captive port connection, embedded their pkg's, XMLs, and masked themselves with uncertified software using false or expired Certificates. They gave themselves Admin control of my wifi, and took control of every single device, Smart TV, gaming console in my house using Legacy Plug and Play! So, every Scan or Virus app I paid for on goigle is getting modified using either scripts or snippet pkg drops within seconds. I can't stop it! It's years now, and getting worse. Some people should not have access to Power shell, GitHub tools, Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Ruby Web view, Remote VPN Client Console, Advancedvl Modified Media Players and Comcast's! Detected and traced 8 users on my local private IP going through remote port with full access, 3 were flagged for child porn, 1 for distribution of child sex videos and illegal TOR copywrite file distribution, What do I do, nobody helps, especially with as powerful a system and users/bots as this one

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October 29, 2018 at 12:15:03
They are definitely skilled developers, who have gone to the dark side! They live web console on every browser, redirect me by scripting, kill function buttons on webpage, time out on page loading. They blocked me from my own router page access. My cell phones, all Google play apps are corrupted in seconds, I have tried to download their tools on my Android like Linux Deploy, Connect bot, and Web Console and have watched with my own eyes as the delete the app and my home screen blinks, reloads and the app icons have vanished leaving huge holes of empty icon space. No joke, I have lost over 6 grand in ruined devices and software due to this fierce remote net connection client/host/hacker

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October 29, 2018 at 12:32:41
You would be well advised to spend a fraction of that 6 grand on hiring a professional security consultant who can determine what misconfiguration of your system is allowing access to the bad guys.

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October 29, 2018 at 14:05:56
I don't know if this is for real or not. If it is, why would you let it go on for years? And why would you come to a forum for advice rather than consulting an expert?

Did you try shutting down & unplugging your ISP modem for a day or more? If it's disconnected for a period of time & then reconnected, it should be given a new IP address. Also, with the router unplugged from the ISP, you can do a reset (pin hole or button on the backside) which will allow you to reconfigure all the settings. In the meanwhile, you can concentrate on removing infections from your devices using a bootable rescue disc.

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November 20, 2018 at 00:37:13
All the work, learning how it all works, and recognizing the absolute truth and they gave it to me. Using new tools I watched them on one of my ports, they were using sanSARI Trojan and Terrarium on the same port. I acquired another tool from Trend Micro yesterday and it worked for an hour or so but it was source code injected and started crashing, freezing up, but it had app locking tools, I knew what they use, so I froze them, shut down and factory reset. I knew they embedded kernel root command options into my bootloader to repair/install back on. I started up, remained quiet, no wifi or draw attention. I went straight into settings, down to Google settings scrolled my way down and there it was all the way down like a dirty secret, unmasked and naked.

It was named "Chimera Modules", I clicked in to take a look and there it all was, Firebase, Auth_easyunlock, Qualcomm, Matchstick, OCR, RCS, WebView, Captive Portal, Telnet - every tool they use on my Private Network.

I don't get it, sanSARI, Chimera are Ransomware, the worst of Malware but it's been years, they never demanded anything! They just mess with everything, use my storage and take my privacy and pride. They actually enjoy all the crap they put me through.

I tried getting help years ago, heard hacking, then they laughed it off. Relatives thought I was crazy. Didn't have a lot for consultants, so I watched their tools, learned about PowerShell, consoles, tunneling and development.

I now know how and what, copied their entire system and have Trend Micro support specialists who opened an investigation and are seriously looking at this.

You know in spite of it all, I learned sometimes the best tool for a fight is an old one. I did more damage and shut them down longer having more control using Windows CMD commands, than anything new. They weren't expecting older commands. I hope they can get me personally in front of them, no joke! They will pay. Anyhow, so that's were I am at now. Google knows and it was illegal activity. I have to share all my newly downloaded, copied developer software, and info.

Thanks everyone for your answers and replies. Yes, it was real, and taught me a lot. The World would be frightened to know the very real capabilities and threats that are right there, unseen and holding your privacy and property whenever, wherever because they can!
Pretty sick, and they evolve fast, faster than you.

Take care, Scott

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