Fedora12 and Windows7 not dual booting

Dell / Studio15
May 1, 2010 at 19:34:30
Specs: Linux/Fedora
I am really at the end of my patience :-(
I want to dual boot
fedora12 on my already win7 installed system.
I followed the steps given in the link below.(Kindly have a look on the link).
It does NOT work!
basic problem is i install fedora, win7 says grubmgr missing.
=> I try to boot from win7 DVD->repair computer->command prompt->bootrec /fixmbr->restart.
Now Fedora is gone and windows starts normally.
=>Now i would put fedora DVD in->reboot->rescue installed system->#chroot /mnt/sysimage->cd /boot/grub->grub-install /dev/sda->sync;sync;exit;exit->reboot
and now again Win7 is gone(says grub mgr missing when clicked on other) and fedora starts normally.
Will my plight ever come to an end?

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May 2, 2010 at 10:19:26
From linux post output of
fdisk -l NOTE: -l is a small L list what partition is what.

aslo post your boot menu;
/boot/grub/menu.lst or grub.cfg
mainly need to see the Win7 boot menu code. I suspect the menu code is wrong.

Also the link you posted is wrong, the last parts were dropped.

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May 2, 2010 at 10:52:48
I appreciate your response TopFarmer!
I am more than happy now :-) :-) .I did it.
You are r8!
There was problem with the grub.cfg.
Here goes what exactly what I did with some input from fedora forum.
1.I installed fedora with custom layout /,ext4, extended partition for the linux and swap ,1 GB partition.Used the change device button and selected "First sector boot of partition" and clicked ok so that MBR won't be overwritten.
2.Rebooted the computer.Started from local drive.It said no OS found.
3.Restarted the comp. with ctrl+del+alt. Ran rescue installed system.Followed the instructions in the prompt and clicked ok when asked for shell.
4.Ran the commands
#chroot /mnt/sysimage
#cd /boot/grub/
#grub-install /dev/sda
Now the system recogised fedora from the local disk but not win7 yet.
5.This prompted me to check the grub.conf.
After entering the fedora terminal ran the commands below.
(give Password)
cd /boot/grub/
cp grub.conf /home/myfolder/grub.conf_bakup
gedit grub.conf
#added/modified the lines and after that the win7 portion looked like this
#hidemenu #commented hidemenu as this might be hiding the menu
####Linux portion goes here###
title Windows7
unhide (hd0,2) # previously this was 0 and my win7 primary acive partition was in 2.so i changed.
rootnoverify (hd0,2)
makeactive # added this line
chainloader +1

(this editing can be done in step 4 itself while rescuing from fedora DVD)
Then I rebooted
Everything worked perfectly.Win7 and Fedora... both.

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May 2, 2010 at 15:38:42
Please don't double post.

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