Solved Do you need to customize a Linux distro to be secure?

December 6, 2019 at 22:22:50
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Does a Linux distro have a trusted system regarding security on its own or do you need to know what you’re doing to make it secure? Could I simply trust a distro, like Mint just the way it is or are there settings or commands that have to be changed manually to assure security from viruses, hackers? I suppose the Xfce flavour is the best choice for me being limited, therefore more stable? Am I better off to choose a Unix instead of a Linux if I want a trusted system? Im worried about a virus changing codes in the system for access without me even knowing.
Has anyone used Oracle Solaris 11 before? Should I look into Debian instead?

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December 7, 2019 at 06:53:49
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Linux is generally considered the most secure OS of the big 3 (Windows, Mac, Linux). Being that it's open source & not proprietary like Windows, the code can be analyzed over & over again for flaws or vulnerabilities. It also helps that just a small percentage of the global population use Linux, so that makes it an unattractive target for hackers.

I've been a Mint Linux user for many years, but I experimented with at least a dozen others before making my decision. I have Zorin OS Lite installed on an old XP laptop (A64, 1GB RAM) & it runs surprisingly well. The majority of Linux distros are based on other distros. For instance, Mint is based on Ubuntu; Ubuntu is based on Debian. So in a roundabout way, Mint is based on Debian. Distrowatch is an excellent site to get info on 100's of different distros. If you're concerned about security & privacy, there are numerous distros available that are more tailored toward that, but they're generally for more advanced users.

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December 7, 2019 at 06:55:49
If you are really concerned about security you should have a look at OpenBSD. It's about the most secure OS available for home use.

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