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Can't boot Windows 7 after installing Ubuntu?

January 10, 2011 at 10:45:29
Specs: Linux i686
So recently I ordered a Ubuntu 10.10 Live CD. I recieved it today and I went to installing it straight away. So I chose the Advanced Partitioning option. Here, I'll tell you the details of each partition I had:

1. Windows 7 - 150GB of which 40GB used - It contains Windows 7. I gave it too much space but screw it, it doesn't matter.
2. Games, Programs, Downloads - 500GB of which 350GB used - The partition where I always installed and downloaded everything when I was using Windows 7
3. Linux - 50GB of which 0GB used - Made this partition exclusively for Ubuntu
4. Swap - 100mb - The swap partition

Obviously I chose the Linux partition to be the one where I install Ubuntu. Had some problems because I didn't understand the prompts about the root and swap stuff but I googled these and got through these with no problem. Installation was easy and quick. At the end of it I rebooted the computer. When I logged into my brand new Ubuntu account I thought to myself 'how come I didn't get a dual boot screen' but quickly came to conclusion that there must have been one and I just subconciously went through it. But then I rebooted it again and realised that... there IS no boot screen. Inserted my Windows 7 CD to boot from it, but for some reason instead booting from the Windows 7 CD I get the Grub boot screen where I got to choose between... Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 10.10 (recovery key something something).
I still have the Windows 7 drive INTACT but I can't boot Windows 7 from it.
I googled around for help but only two or three people had the SAME problem as me and they were on an outdated linux version where they had the "menu" file in the /boot/grub/ location.
Can someone explain to me how I can recover my Windows 7?

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January 10, 2011 at 13:48:32

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