Awk/sed to delete block of lines w/ condition

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August 19, 2010 at 19:23:26
Specs: Linux
I am trying to write a sed or awk script that will delete a block of text from a large file if somewhere in that block I find a numeric value greater than a constant.

input file could look like this
header_n {
some stuff

data_record () {
some more stuff;
even more stuff;
value : 0.0012234 ;

data_record () {
some more stuff;
even more stuff;
value : 120.123 ;

more stuff

I want to delete blocks of text between data_record () {
and the closing brace --ONLY IF the numeric value statement in the "value : xxxx" line is greater than a constant, say 17

I got sed "/data_record /,/\}/d" <input_file
figured out
and an equivalent in awk
but I can't figure out how to dellete only if it finds that value line and then only if the numberic after the colon is greater than my desired cutoff value.

any takers?

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August 20, 2010 at 13:02:21
I think I figured it out.

this awk script removes specific records whenever the numeric value is larger than 17
#find keyword
/data_record \(/ {
f[nf=1] = $0 # store in array
keepblock = 1 # keep this record
while (getline && $0 !~ /\}/) { # while loop accumulates the next lines until an end brace } is found
f[++nf] = $0 # store line into next element of array
if ($1=="value" && $3>=17) { # check if value is too high
keepblock = 0 # if it is, set this record to not keep
} # finished while loop
# now process the data in f[1]...f[nf]
f[++nf] = $0 # add ending line in block to array
if (keepblock == 1) { # print out entire array if this record is to be kept
for ( i = 1; i <= nf; i++ ) { print f[i] }
getline # get next line
if ($0) {print $0} # if next line is not blank then print it
# if keyword is not found then just print the line
!/data_record \(/ {print $0}

I had trouble with the last brace of the record and whether the next line was a blank or not. This caused the getline; if($0) {print $0} statement. I wasn't really sure why I had to add that.

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August 23, 2010 at 00:51:27
awk -vRS="" -vFS=";" 'f{f=0}{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)if($i~/value/) {split($i,a,":") ; if (a[2]>17) {f=1}  } }f==0' file

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