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Zaggmate Bluetooth Keyboard Qwer Uiop Keys Don’t Work

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iPad 1. My wife didn’t like the keyboard so it is months since we bought it, but now I find it doesn’t work, and I see others have had similar problems. Is there are software update to solve this?


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  1. I have just had the same problem with my UIOP keys. This is related to the embedded numeric keys on my Dell E6400, I believe.
    I had an issue once before where the laptop started to boot up with the num lock ON instead of off, so that the keys 7 8 9 0 U I O P J K L : M > ? didn’t work as expected. This is a problem if, like me, you use a BIOS password since you cannot tell. In the end I guessed and was able to enter my BIOS password using the function key when appropriate.
    After that I could change that set-up by booting to F2.
    A few days later it changed back without my knowingly doing anything to prompt it to.
    And now I have a similar problem but the above solution doesn’t work. My UIOP keys do not work at all so I cannot enter my password. Still searching the solution. (They were fine until I switched off my laptop).
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