Windows on iPod touch -- is it possible yet?

Hewlett-packard / Hp g72 notebook pc
March 31, 2011 at 22:32:17
Specs: Windows, 3.2 GHz (1.6 Dual) / 4 GB
Hello, everyone.

OK--I have seen the video where one Norweigan has demoed Windows Mobile 6 on his iPhone, and where "planetbeing" has run Android--but I'd like to see if it'd be possible to have the full Windows (other than 3.1 or 95, as these are obsolete) run on an iPod? :)

Are we talking an emulator like qemu or bochs, or what? Virtualization where it can connect to a PC--what's really the limit? :)

This is a question I'm asking out of fun, but that I think that today in 2011, others are really wondering as well.

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April 7, 2011 at 10:20:49
OK. Let me answer this question that I started, seeing that it has not gotten any replies. I started it for discussion, but... for the curious:

- Through VNC or a virtualization client, one can legally run Windows from their desktop on their iPod.
- Jailbreaking (highly NOT recommended) allows an emulator on earlier devices for 3.1, 95, and the like.
- iDroid does indeed allow Android to run, but this is only for the Android fans. Personally, I don't see the plus in running a Linux OS that is proprietary.
- iX *was* a true Linux project, which stayed to its roots as open source software, allowing Xubuntu in short, to run on the iPod. There was no sound on it, and apparently, the project is either dormant as of this writing, or is dead.

- To access the traditional style iPod files without jailbreaking, install DiskAid, though the root filesystem is only visible through a jailbreak.

I hope this answers anyone who had this question for real nicely. :)

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