Where do I download generic Mp3, Mp4 drivers?

Generic / 2.8"touch screen mp3 mp4...
October 19, 2010 at 16:29:10
Specs: Windows XP,Vista,7 & 98, 3 gb
No matter what the operating system, you can download the Creative Mp3 Player Recovery Tool and plug your player into your computer and it will say player not recognized but I giggled the usb cord and plugged it in and out a couple times and by jimminie it started working! The only problem is when you put music into the music file(It has to be an mp3 music file only) it flashes real quick like it is going to show up then nothing. It is not a driver problem like I thought so what could it be? For the longest time it did not show up in My Computer or in Device Manager. It still does not show up in Device Manager but finally shows up in My Computer after installing the Player Recovery Tool listed above that is not even for my Mp3 player--mine is not a creative but is a no-name one so that tool is good for pretty much all of them. I am guessing my Music Part somewhere inside my player must be broken. Any ideas?

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October 20, 2010 at 09:47:36
Wow, are you on crack or heavy medication? I've read this post 4 times and I'm still not sure what you are talking about. What does mp4 have to do with anything and if it's not a driver issue, then why do you ask for drivers? Why would you install software made for a mp3 player that you don't have?

I would start by going to the website of the manufacture of your mp3 player and see if they have software available for your player

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