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WEP Key For iPhone

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Help Just upgraded my Iphone 5 to IOS 8.3.1 and my phone is locked and asking me for a Network Name or a WEP,WPA etc password. Where would I find the WEP password information?


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  1. Network name would siggest a request for a wifi access point. A wep etc. password similarly. Do you have yor own router; and if so then likely its SSID and access key/password may be on the base. If not on the base then you will have to login (via a computer) to your router and go to wiifi settings etc. – which where you can find the SSID and access key/password.

    What puzzles me though is that you say the phone is locked. My iPhone and iPad are configured (by me) to require a four digit code in order to use it. How is yours configured?

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