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August 24, 2010 at 13:32:34
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I have successfully been connecting my camera to my iPad (both using the memory card attachment and also the USB attachment) and previously had little problems in uploading photos to the iPad.

Now when I connect the camera into the iPad, it will bring up all the photos, but then suddenly drop out of the Photo app back to the main screen and won't let me upload the new photos.

Any suggestions as to why and how I can fix this?

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August 24, 2010 at 19:40:24
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If it was working right It may be the Photo app not working as it should, I guess.

My suggestion for you is first turn off the iPad. Not the same as stand by.

Step 1 Press the power button until you get the red slide bar to turn off. When is off, turn it on again. This process is a restart and it clears the memory and loads everything again, so it should correct any app not working well. It is recommended to do a restart from time to time.

Step 2 If you installed a third party image or photo app, reinstall this app as it may be having a conflict with Apple's Photo app. Go to iTunes with your iPad connected and on DEVICES select your iPad. Hit the Apps tab, look for the image app (if this is your case) and uncheck it. Then press Sync or Apply. Now check the app again and press Sync or Apply, again. This is a reinstall.

Step 3 If you did the first step and it did not solved your problem you may need to restore your iPad using iTunes, as there is no way to just uninstall this app alone. Do a back up of important files first.

Follow this link on for a How-to Restore your iPad:

I hope it helps you

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August 25, 2010 at 14:58:03
Thanks Jecs, do you know if I do step 1, will it lose all my information already installed in the iPad? Ie. All my other photos?

Thanks, Jen

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August 26, 2010 at 09:55:14
99.8 % you wont lose anything.

This is equivalent to turn off your home computer or laptop. The only way you lose something is because the system or the app already crashed, but if you closed everything successfully and turn off the device it wont cause any problem. The opposite is true, when you restart the device the OS and apps loads again, everything is clean and is as stable as it should.

Do a restart form time to time, maybe 2 times a month or even once a week, because the longer it takes it could compromise the system. It depends on how frequently you use the device or how heavy is what you do to the system. Photo and video editing is very demanding compared to reading a text, listen to music or browse the internet.

If you wait to much to do a restart the accumulated errors may be severe enough the whole system could crash, and in that case you may lose information. But, that is why you also need to frequently do back ups. Always on every computer.

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