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September 22, 2010 at 23:37:32
Specs: Windows XP
I am trying to get my shsh blobs from TinyUmbrella to downgrade my Ipod touch 2g (mc model).
I have the lateset version of TU 4.1.4. Im pretty sure that I have my ISP running on port 80, and i cant get the tss to run on TU. Here's my error. help please.

09/22/2010 23:27:17.112 The Firmware Umbrella - v4.1.4 by semaphore 09/22/2010

23:27:17.315 For help click here 09/22/2010 23:27:17.347 Connect a device to continue...

09/22/2010 23:28:14.472 NOT running as administrator OR your hosts file is not editable -

Cannot listen on port 80! TSS Server will not work! 09/22/2010 23:28:14.628 Caching shsh

files... 09/22/2010 23:28:14.753 Found [3] shsh files to cache... 09/22/2010 23:28:18.003

Cached [3] shsh files 09/22/2010 23:28:18.034 TinyUmbrella is not able to run on port 80.

Please check your hosts file permissions and/or applications that use port 80 and shut them down.


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September 26, 2010 at 01:59:19
run cmd as admin and type in netstat -a -b
look very carefully at everything that apears and anything that has :80 at the end of all the numbers, make a note of them,
for me there was only one thing using port 80 it was called Kservice so since this wasnt a program i had open i went to ctrl alt del task manager show all processess and ended the kservice and voila what do u no it worked!



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