Solved Is there any good, honest data recovery programs for iPhone

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March 7, 2015 at 08:16:31
Specs: Windows 7 and Linux i686, Phanom 2 x 4 3.4 ghz
A good friend is in a jam. He took his iPone to some recovery place and the dork behind the counter lost all 500 plus of his cross country vacation pictures and I am trying to help him recover his pictures. First is this really possible? I trust none of these bought out sites today for an honest answer to this question. Is this downloadable software any good or will my friend lose a hundred or more dollars for a pipe dream? I understand how to dowload this software and use it, I just need to know if it really is any good. Please do not give me a hard time about what my friend did, he already knows. Thanks for any help.

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March 7, 2015 at 12:55:42
What problems was your friend having with the phone that necessitated him taking it to have it recovered? Do you know what exactly the store repair/tech person did, and what is the condition of the phone now? More details would be good.

I'm assuming your friend hadn't synched the phone with a computer by any chance?

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March 7, 2015 at 14:28:16
I am not exactly sure. This I do know, he is in his early 70's and uses his iPhone if he brakes down in his RV and to take pictures and that is about it. He hates dealing with passwords, backing up, as I do as well as we are both seniors. I have worked with computers in high school and for the government but I have my limits to. He said he had a virous (I am not sure) and he could not access something. Nothing was backed up, even to iTunes. Our only hope is some sort of software I can download into his home compputer and conect his iPhone to his computer and pray that this software finds his pictures. However, many of this downloadable recovery software his either gets five stars or one star and no in betweens. That rases a red flag for me and this stuf is not cheap. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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March 8, 2015 at 06:32:10
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Concur with your sense of caution as there is more enuff stuff out there that costs a lot and doesn't always deliver as claimed...

I have used Easus recovery utils for hard drives; and very successfully so.

They have recovery software for a range of "hardware" including " i " products.

There is also Recuva which gets good reviews from those here who are familiar with it. They appear to be mainly Windows and Mac OS applied but recently seem to have extended into " i " devices too?

And there is is this "freebie" which may be worth a look-see/try?


I would encourage a full scan of your computer first; then set a fresh restore point. And if you haven't already (as a matter of course) ensure any important personal files are duplicated elsewhere (DVD/external hard drive). This is to ensure that nothing nasty may occur as a result of the software you're installing.

Once you have recovered whatever, make copies to DVD/external hard drive. Also BACKUP the iPhone to a computer - it takes but a few minutes and is simple to do (via iTunes. Also seriously consider the Apple Cloud storage option too - they allow a free space initially and it may be all you need. Main thing is to have those files photos/music etc. - safely duplicated off the iPhone (and ideally off any computer) too; for situations as you are now in.

When you install any utilities use the custom/manual option - NOT the automatic. The automatic option will inevitably dump/install a whole slew of stuff you don't want or need; all in the guise of "being helpful 'n friendly"...

Save anything recovered to its own folder on your computer and ideally to external storage too (perhaps exclusively initially).

Both Easus and Recuva usually offer/allow a trial version (free) to see if it will do what you require. In truth any decent software ought to do this...

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May 27, 2015 at 01:37:46
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