Solved Is there a way that could speed up ios devices ipod Touch?

December 3, 2014 at 22:59:23
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Is there a way that could speed up ios devices ipod Touch? my ipod touch run out of space since I downloaded so many apps. Is there a way that I just delete the cache files without uninstall it.

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December 4, 2014 at 06:02:30
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Unfortunately iOS doesn't offer the option of clearing an apps cached data (aside from browsers and other browse and download style apps). In any case if the app itself doesn't offer this option the chances are that it isn't achievable on iOS.

Even on a jailbroken iOS device there isn't much available that would perform this function. iCleaner is the only thing that comes to mind.
This is a jailbreak app and is only available to jailbroken devices. iCleaner is not available in the App Store

This is where Android users have the upper hand as the option to clear any apps cached files is available within settings. But this can also be seen as a security risk as essentially it allows an outside application to make changes to another's software. Apple are very strict about apps having the ability to talk and effect changes with each other and are really only just starting to allow this to happen to some degree.

Looking at your post where you state that you filled up your iPod touch with apps (and / or photos, videos, music etc) this is really where your problem lies unfortunately. The reason I say this is that even if you could clear a heap of cached data you would undoubtedly encounter the same problem with the very next piece of software you decide to install. In the big scheme of things the cached data would be minuscule and freeing up this space just wouldn't be enough to improve functionality for long.

You should consider freeing up space by deleting a few things that you could probably do without.

On the upside, anything you have paid for through the App Store is freely available to you if you decide to reinstall it in the future. The version you have paid for at least and if the publisher still supports and makes it available. This includes music.

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