iPod/iPhone/iPad and Dell Streak

Apple Ipad 16gb tablet
August 12, 2010 at 10:32:31
Specs: Macintosh
Rumors are everywhere about smaller iPads, however these rumors tend to settle on a 7 inch iPad. It implies Apple may be considering there is a market for smaller tablets.

I am one of those who want to have a smaller iPad or tablet, but also a wide screen version, so I am waiting to see what Apple can produce on a smaller size tablet. But in the beginning those rumors also pointed to a 5 inch screen. What happened? Did Apple discovered something about this particular size and now they don't think it is an interesting product?

Now. The iPod Touch could grow up a bit, I believe, because it is not a phone and is mostly an entertainment or multimedia device. So I think it could use a larger screen. But how much larger? 4 inches, a bit larger? Sure, but still something could fit on any pocket with ease. So if the screen grows a bit the overall size should grow up very little. Maybe the "Home" button could be reduced, positioned on the edge, or even on the back, as is just one button you wouldn't need to learn to much from it. But the iPod is Apple's, really, so I won't bet Apple is going to change radically its successful design paradigms.

In this panorama the Dell Streak shows up, presented as the first real iPod/iPad/iPhone contender. All in one device size. But, as a tablet its size is a bit small. And as a phone is, to my taste, too big. Also, consider this device is very good, but it doesn't have any special function to distinguish itself clearly from the Apple options. Its biggest selling point is that is cheaper, works fine, it is competitive and that its OS is Android (the older 1.6 Android OS by the way. The option with Android 2.2 should be available on september). All very good and valid points. But will those advantages will win enough adopters, and for how long?

I think, Dell's move with the Streak is trying to capitalize on its price and functions, and it may be enough to start selling products, maybe. But I think it wont be enough to survive when more players release their options. Next year HP will release its WebOS devices, I consider those the stronger contenders for Apple options but RIM, ASUS and others are not standing still and surely considering this market very seriously.

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August 12, 2010 at 14:06:42
I imagine a 5' iPad as a fine gaming or multimedia device. Reading will be better than on a 3 and half inches screen, so is a plus, but in the end not really comfortable. If reading is not best suited on this screen then I find no good use as a tablet. Sure if you have a sharp sight you can read on smaller screens, but is not the general user. The phone function is where I think they are asking to much for most users. And this reason may not be that popular as we got used to small but powerful phones. I don't know, maybe a good headset solves the phone function.

Maybe Dell should come up with different sizes and cover more ground as the one they used for the Streak is a bit controversial for a smartphone. Maybe they thought this size would allow them to have an all in one device you mention, but this reason is more convenient for production purposes and not an effort to fit into the user everyday life.

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