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ipad update lost pictures

December 23, 2013 at 12:13:57
Specs: Windows XP
i have updated software but lost all pictures from the ipad. i have tried to restore but still no pictures please please can anyone help

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December 23, 2013 at 15:43:24
mmm - seems quite a few issues have surfaced with current iPad updates/upgrade...

Have you ever synced your ipad to a Mac (not sure if you can do it a PC)...?

Also have you had a word with Apple?

I haven't any direct experience in deleting (however it happened) and then recovering things on my iPad (2).... but when I do a trawl/search via google for:

how to recover deleted pictures on ipad

There are many hits about it... Rather than select one or two here for you... I suggest you do the same search (using that above terms) and read your way through the hits that you generate...?

And if you do a separate search using:

how to recover deleted pictures on ipad following upgrade

You'll get a lot of hits specific to your actual experience; and this one caught my eye.

It discusses the use of iCloud (if you had backed up there) and the use of a suggested piece of software if you have no backup...

It would be useful to all if you keep us posted/appraised of your progress in recovering your photos...

Also I strongly advise you to save them in future off your ipad; as in make separate copies on whichever computer you have; and also via that computer.. to optical media as well.. And regularly update your copies - and check them too occasionally. Then you won't be back where you are now - in the future?

It is "always" wise(r) to safeguard/copy personal files etc... off any system - before making changes to it (not the least an OS upgrade...); rather than have to find away to recover them if things go awry (wrong...)

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