iPad puts Apple into top 5 PC vendors

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July 28, 2010 at 11:02:38
Specs: Macintosh
Canalys: The iPad tablet from Apple captured approximately 6% of the portable PC segment in 2010. ..."the iPad owes its success to a lack of advancement in other portable computing segments, such as netbooks".

Is inevitable, at least for me, not to put some perspective into this report and the last one on my last post. I mean: Is the iPad a device that captures "selfish elites" or one that is being adopted by those who don't find netbooks appealing enough?

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July 29, 2010 at 06:17:23
Yes and that's why they are selling an eBooks @ $12 and people are buying without knowing they can save a lot money but again surveys shows that iPad buyers are wealthy.

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July 29, 2010 at 07:19:04
Ok I see your point and maybe the reasons behind the survey's conclusions. I guess I never payed to much attention to this social elite factor until now, as I knew also the iPad was competing very well with netbooks, and these are basically low cost portable computers. To be honest it shocks me to read those very strong words on a 20,000 persons social study. I would like to know better how much of this "selfish elites" represents the iPad user to be fair also to those who don't deserve this labels.

Again, if you use an iPad, how do you see yourself in front of this study. Do you feel more like the netbook buyer or as the selfish wealthy person. Trouble is I don't think someone is going to say here "Hi, I think I am selfish and doing very fine!". Just a joke, but how did they discovered those selfish persons with the study. Fascinating!

I appreciate your time and your words. Tks.

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