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i want to be able to reset not restore my ipad 2

September 20, 2014 at 05:51:18
Specs: Windows 64
I don't have the apple password or id and without theses you cant seem to even open the ipad2 as its had a find my iPhone app on it so I bought a ipad2 that I cant seem to open can someone please help me with any answers

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September 20, 2014 at 06:16:53
mmm Best you take it to an Apple store and ask the techies to help. There are floor staff who help general inquiries and will point you to a more technical colleague (often floor staff are also technicals but assigned to general duties at the time).

If the technical colleague can't assist (s)he will involve a "guru" and hopefully (s)he resolve it for you.

If you bought it from Apple (store or on-line, an bona-fide Apple dealer/supplier etc.) then they will (or ought to) have your details on file. But if you bought it elsewhere - as in "used/second hand etc." and possibly off eBay or similar... likely you are out of luck. Very high chance what you "bought" wasn't legally the vendors to sell... if you catch my drift...? If it was sold legally then the vendor ought to provide the ownership transfer details to Apple and ensure Apple register you as the new owner.

So you will need to provide proof of ownership - which is usually a combination of your email used to register etc. the ipad and if possible a password... Proof of ownership is the key; without it you likely won't get anywhere useful...

With iPads/iPhones being readily/easily "acquired" (to put it one way...) Apple and others are very strict about the proof of ownership...

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