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Apple Iphone 3g s 16gb black smartphone
May 29, 2010 at 08:45:30
Specs: Windows Vista
My brother gave me his old (3Gs) iphone with lots of apps. He uses Mac.I would like to sync it to my own PC. can i keep his music and apps or do they automatically delete if I sync it to my computer.

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May 30, 2010 at 18:48:56
You need his authorization on his iTunes account to keep the purchased
files even if you reformat the iPhone but also if you try to sync with a "new" or different computer now iTunes will erase everything on your iPhone. Only one computer is allowed to sync with each iDevice and 5 machines or device combinations are allowed on a single iTunes account.

Long story short, you have 2 options.

1. Keep syncing with his machine (I don't think it is practical or convinient)

2. Restore your iPhone in iTunes and start over.

Step 1. Copy all the apps, music or files you want to the computer you
are going to use with your iPhone. Plus your own files.

Step 2. Ask your brother to authorize the iPhone and your computer on his iTunes account to use the files you want on your new restored iPhone.

Step 3. Restore your iPhone and after that sync the files you want.
Follow this link to do the iPhone Restore:

Also there are all kind of apps that may or not help you but I am not familiar with any of those.

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May 31, 2010 at 01:39:39
thank you for your help. I have my own itunes account and it will just complicate things to have my computer attached to his. He might not want me to see all his purchases anyway!! I'm going to set out on my own and see if I can find free apps for the phone. thanks for youy time though.

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May 31, 2010 at 09:48:39
minari, this answer from Cheermay may help you. However I think the answer was placed in the wrong post.

This is an available app for $29 but you can try it for free to convert videos for the iPad format and for iPhones too. You can use it to transfer files, also it says nothing about apps they will always require the iTunes authorization or wont work. If I find one or two apps I may post it here again.

DVD to iPad Converter:

Original answer from Cheermay:

"iphone to ipad transfer:
Try this professional iphone to ipad transfer which can also supports transfer iphone to pc, iphone to itunes and pc to ipad, ipad to pc with high quality, guide shall show you how to easily trasnfer iphone music/vidoes/photos to iPad easily"

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