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June 11, 2013 at 19:29:39
Specs: Windows 7, Intel Core I5 3.3
the keyboard and mouse to the ipad?
A pet sitter asked me if it was safe to keep a database of client names, addresses, scheduling and fees on an ipad? She wants total privacy but the ability to run stand alone software to track her activities and schedule...

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June 11, 2013 at 20:17:32
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Just FYI, there is no mouse for an iPad, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Yes, you can run software completely offline. You can even shut off all connectivity to the outside world by going into settings and putting the device in airplane mode. However she really needs to understand what's going on. iPads can't get hacked the way other other devices can.

To date, there are no virii, malware, hacks, back door Trojans, etc. written for iDevices. And to be honest, storing data locally without a backup plan is a really bad idea. Since iPads can't write to a local storage device such as a thumb drive or USB hard drive, online backup is the easiest way. Good online storage is usually encrypted and virtually impossible to hack.

If you want to post a little more information such as what type of data or program she is looking for, we can make some suggestions. There is a plethora of programs out there that can act as a stand-alone and/or online backup data storage.

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June 11, 2013 at 22:31:14
There is software that is a database for her clients and she wants to keep here client information private and not be able to be hacked or used by possibly a rival, if her ipad or what ever device she winds up using were lost. She has an iphone and lost it one day. It did not have any business clients information but she was in a panic. I went out on the road to help her look for it and she was lucky, she found her iphone.

What she thinks she needs is privacy, a way to backup in case device fails or is lost and it must be such that her clients can trust her with their data. Encription would be a plus. Is there a way to do this on a notebook? Thanks for your help.

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June 11, 2013 at 22:35:48
Also, she would like to set up a schedule on this device so she can plan with clients for services needed. I am not sure what software she will be using. I will ask her if she has selected the software. TIA

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June 12, 2013 at 09:23:48
There is a built in calendar she can use to schedule and remind her of appointments.

As far as security, you can password protect the iPad so you need to enter a password to use it. You can also set it so after 10 failed attempts to log in it will wipe the data

Take a look at a program called Evernote. The notes themselves can be password protected so she can have two levels of security, a password on her iPad and a password on the notes. You can also set reminders in Evernote so she could use that for scheduling. And Evernote will work across several platforms, you can access it from a computer as well either using the web interface or the Evernote program. It can even be loaded on an iPhone or Android phone.
Unfortunately Evernote does not encrypt the data

Awesome Note and NoteMaster are two other programs I've used and they can store the data on DropBox which does encrypt the data. Awesome Note might be a good choice for her as it also has a calendar feature so she do do scheduling. And with Awesome Note, folders and notes can each be password protected.

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