Can I do a hard reset on my new, but second hand Apple iPod?

August 1, 2014 at 04:23:43
Specs: Windows Vista
Tday, I perhaps made an unwise decision to purchase, second hand my new
"Apple iPod". I'm almost certain to the extent of assaulting myself while typing this question online, that if I were even to dare a quick glimpse on the sale pages of the Walmart online store I would seek to exist as I melted away into a murky, stinky, yellowish-pale green pile of baby goop all 5'2'' of me demeened to nothing for my sheer naive stupidity at wasting the almighty, all powerful, all encompassing, beyond defeating the most beloved of any currency in this world, our one hundred dollar bill. And no, not even one that came simply by way of a clerk in a check cashing store whirring out brief and tidy little stacks of "government assigned, yet somehow "earned" pay in his varying forms of labilities, infirmities, inequalities, short cummingities, less cognitivities, too many queer varietities, too vain and outspoken sexual endevourities (lol), ...and so on and so forth; all by saying to you, my gentle, patient reader that the cash I used to pay for my Apple was of the "E A R N E D !! quality. Yeah, Sister look at me now, oh yes you must, .. for I did just today, July 31, 2014 possess in my wallet money I was advised by he who issued it to me, that it was indeed "earned, by me" ... "yours truly", who hasnt earned one honest red cent since I was put on Social Securitie's f---ing roles for the mentally infirm, labile, intrustworthy, and undignified lazy son's a bitches who we all the lot of us sit the hell 'round every damn long f'in month, year after aching fuk'in year, yelping, griping, bitching and squalling our wasted days away awaiting this, our long ago promised lifelong, monthly stipend from Dear Ole Mother f---ing, God Damned (and yes I really, really do mean "god damned!") Uncle Sam unless something had changed in our lives indicating that we had something official to report to the government effectively sharing some fortunate event with he who no one, in her right mind would be caught dead telling anything personal, especially that of positive financial or otherwise familialy assistive and growth inducing human gain. Awhh! --hell to the No! Ain't no one reporting n'ere nutthing to that dear putrid decrepid invisible, make-believe relative; under penalty of perjury or not. Whether the news could stand to help us change our life standing and bank holdings or not! You don't trust the government, The Man; not the po-O-o/ lice neither ..

Anyway, is there a method to do a complete factory reset on an Apple iPod, 16 GB, serial number: CCQKGNL8F96V in an necessary attempt to circumvent to Administrator P/W it has in place, as I do not know this information nor do I have the means to be in contact with the device's previous owner who would have been the one to assign the digits to it.

Thank you for you time. I do apologize for ranting. If I had any pride left, I would surely cut out the preceding bulls--- that I typed, but alas..I do not these things longer any have to be mine own. I'll need to share yours, ok? So, please comment me back at my Wordpress page, joyatchison is my user id, I think...

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August 1, 2014 at 18:54:54
I got about a fifth of the way into your ramblings and you still didn't even begin to describe the problem.

No one here is going to sort though all this nonsense, rewrite your problem and be specific, we don't need all your personal information or life story.

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