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Asked to update to ios

September 19, 2014 at 23:30:06
Specs: Don't know
iPad is very slow and screen jumps around. Can't acsess banking account. Can't restart iPad. Something went wrong with iOS updatr

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September 20, 2014 at 02:05:50
Not the first time an ios update has produced problems sadly...

Suggest you take it to your local Apple store, explain what etc and ask them to resolve it for you

You will need of course to be able to login etc. and ideally have proof of ownership - which is basically "your" Apple account details and the email address used to register/setup your ipad account.

When my ipad2 went seriously wrong after an upgrade to ios7.1 (or was it 7.2) a chat with a floor techie (general floor help pointed me there) was very useful. My ipad was replaced free under Apple's extended warranty scheme - which is a consequence of European law and UK law re' what is a fair length of time for something to work (even after the warranty has expired).

Your situation may be resolvable without recourse to replacement, it may not. Apple techies may be able to resolve it there and then? At least go chat with Apple as I doubt you're the only one having problems with a upgrade.

Also when you do have a working ipad again, all your itunes downloads/purchases are available for a download again (free) if needs-be.

Hopefully you have a recent backup anyway, and keep that practice going?

Don't be tempted to try firmware updates etc. at this time (if there are any around). The less you do now in terms of installing anything the better; until Apple have had a look-see?

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