Activate unlocked iPhone myself?

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December 15, 2016 at 19:34:51
Specs: Vista Ultimate, SP2, 3.0Ghz/2Ghz
I want to purchase an unlocked sim free iPhone 7 Plus. Can I go to my carrier and get a sim card to put in the phone and activate the phone myself? Also, does it pay to get Apple Care +? I thought that since this will be my first iPhone and being a substantial investment, it would be a good idea. But then I thought, I can get twice the memory for the cost of Apple Care +. Thanks.

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December 16, 2016 at 01:27:44
For one thing, I would never buy an iPhone. About the only thing which excels on them is the camera.

I urge you to reconsider - an Android phone is just as capable (except for the camera), just as reliable if you get something like a Sony Xperia model, and much better value for money.

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December 16, 2016 at 09:24:59
Is this a new phone that is replacing another one and you want to use the same phone number? The best thing to do would be contact your Carrier.

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December 17, 2016 at 12:03:02
Yes, this will be a new phone replacing my old phone. I will need to get a new plan with the same phone number. Since I will be using my own phone, do I need to actually bring the phone to them or can I tell them what plan I want and they can give me a sim card and then I can activate it? I'd rather handle the phone myself!

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January 30, 2017 at 03:58:16
You can buy the phone vanilla and then purchase or get a sim card from your provider and install that into the phone. This is how I have always done it. I prefer to get sim only deals, currently with GiffGaff and buy the phone without and restrictions on them from providers.

When you insert the sim it will connect to the carriers service and download any information it needs and within minutes your phone will be up and running.

You do not need to take your phone to the shop when getting a sim only deal, they do not need to do anything to your phone, you can do it all yourself, as long as you know how to install the sim :)

I used to love apples however seeing what is possible with Android I am leaning over to get one, however I am still a bit nervous! id love the iphone 7 though.

Good luck

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January 30, 2017 at 06:35:47
With Apple care you need to weigh up the benefits. They are highly customer focused so taking advantage of their insurance policy is made fairly straight forward. You need to keep in mind that the policy allows for a limited number of incidentals and taking advantage of the apple care+ offering will come with a service fee (in Australia at least) for hardware related issues.

I have never opted to take up Apple on their Apple Care+ program and knock on wood will never need to. I use a leather wallet style case to house my phone and although my phone has involuntarily left my fingers on a few occasions it has come out unscathed. I have even had a vehicle mounted computer jump off its mount and land corner first on my phone from about a foot up and there was no damage except an indentation to the case (I think I got lucky).

There is also plent of online help so I have never needed any software assistance.

If the phone is unlocked from a provider there shouldn't be any problem with you obtaining your own SIM card and installing it yourself. With the iPhone 7 plus you will need the nano-SIM size but I'm sure if you let them know the model of the phone they can match it up. Transferring your phone number to the new SIM card is commonplace these days so that won't be an issue.

I hate iTunes with a passion and have always sought ways to avoid it so every iPhone I have had has been jailbroken. Back in the day of the iPhone 3GS I didn't like the way the android operating system "felt" on mobile devices so stuck with Apple ever since but with jailbreaking slowly becoming extinct I am looking towards an android phone now. These days they feel as good to use and I will be able to do everything on them only jailbreaking allows on an iOS device.

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