World most evil Windows 7 PC ever known to mankind

Hewlett-packard / Kj385aa-aba a6433w
March 22, 2012 at 05:33:39
Specs: Windows 7 32-Bit, 2 GHz / 3070 MB
Computer freezes about 2 or 3 times in about 5 to 10 minutes after logging in or waking up the computer. Then stops for the rest of the day and I can work with it as normal.
This is a recent install of windows 7 and a new hard drive because my previous OS would keep doing the same thing. I had Windows 7 running fine for a week before the freezing returned. I even got a few BSOD's, but most the time its just a solid freeze.
So far I have ran Memtest and let it pass 8 times. No errors were found.
I ran windows memory diagnostics and that also found no problems.
Removed Norton AV and installed Avast, and t still froze.
Ran a disk check, no problems found.
Ran start up repair, which also found nothing wrong (Even though this is not a start up problem!)
Ran a virus check and found no problems.
Ran Ccleaner to fix or remove any unnecessary Regitry paths/errors.
Removed graphics card and booted the computer up from onboard graphics to see if the power supply was having problems supplying a stable power flow to the gpu (and to see if the gpu was damaged) and it still froze without the gpu.
Checked for any problems in Device Manager, (Everything it updated, including graphics drivers and motherboard BIOS.)
Cleared CMOS, which made no difference.
Dusted any other places that I may have missed before during my spring clean vacation.
Monitored temperatures of the HDD, CPU, GPU which all show stable temperatures below 30-40c.
Opened MSConfig to remove start up programs, still computer freezes.
Re-seated the ram after cleaning out the sockets (same for gpu as well.)

I didn't even get a chance to back up my data on a external drive before this all happened. I for sure do not want to back it up now under this mess. The Windows 7 32-bit home premium install is very fresh, just 2 weeks old, and already the freezes and crashes have returned (something that has plagued me the VERY day after my warranty had expired 2 years ago.)

This PC is just a few inches from being kicked s---less and ravished about my room. I have placed allot of money, time, and effort into it still it crashes! At the time it was a better solution to repair it, but the repairs have just kept building up and up to the point I could have bought a new PC! >.<

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March 22, 2012 at 12:32:28
If it started at the end of the warranty then you are indeed in trouble. Seems an odd date.

I guess you could try to set bios settings to default or failsafe in case they have somehow been set wrong. May even try to slow it down or basically the opposite of over clocking it.

I don't like to suggest this and there is almost no chance that it will work but a bios update may be considered. See if one exists that says something like stable or such.

There are a lot of parts on motherboards. Small timings and clocks and small firmware chips that could be off or some esd damage.

The best way is to have a bunch of common parts and swap them. At this point you don't even know what is wrong. PSU, cpu, motherboard memory or what not.

They make some pci add on cards to help diag it and some expensive software.

For the price of a new system, I think I'd go out and buy a new one unless this was quite expensive. Just buy a pre-made system and may consider the extended warranty. Dunno. Never an easy guess on this stuff.

This is why planes should have none of this junk in the cockpit.

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March 22, 2012 at 19:48:01
Check Voltages in BIOS, they need to be within 5% above or below the nominal values (12V+- 5%, etc)
Use a strong light to help you, but carefully examine your motherboard for burnt or bulging components that could be causing the problems.
Your specs and links to downloads:
Not sure what else to suggest...

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March 23, 2012 at 05:10:53
Have you checked the caps (capacitors)? If bulging you can expect any number of problems.

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