won't read cd's

Hewlett-packard / Cd player
July 31, 2009 at 04:56:57
Specs: Windows XP
The drive is recognized in the computer, however, any cd's will not read or spin up? and my CDRW drive is not even recognized. If I need to replace these, are there uits that will read cds, and dvd's, but only write to cdrs?

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July 31, 2009 at 08:03:10
Is this a desktop or a laptop computer?
Do you have two optical drives or one?

An optical (CD or DVD) drive does not even require any data cable connection in order for it to be able to spin - in fact it doesn't even require an operating system be on the computer - it only requires the power connection, that the power connection actually has power, and that the computer is running.
The drive's try should eject, and retract if applicable, when you push the button on it for that, and if a CD or DVD is inserted, the drive should spin briefly and the led on the drive should come on briefly.

The only thing other than a defective drive that can cause it to not spin is a defective power supply - e.g. if the PS is not putting out +5v, your optical drives (and your floppy drive if you have one) cannot work.

Take a look in your computer's bios Setup - usually the current voltages can be found there - if the +5v and +12v readings are within 10% of the nominal values, there's probably nothing wrong with the power supply.
If the +5v reading is not present or is too low, you need to replace the power supply.

The most common reason an optical drive will not spin is the drive has been used a lot and the sleeve bearings in it's motor have deteriorated to the point the friction in them is too great and the motor cannot spin (is seized).

"...my CDRW drive is not even recognized...."

In order for a burner drive to be recognized properly in your operating system...
- the drive must have nothing wrong with it
- it must be connected properly - if it's IDE it must be jumpered properly on the back of the drive - if it is connected properly it should show up in the mboard's bios Setup and/or it's model number should be displayed while booting the computer.
- the computer's power supply must be working properly
- the mboard's main chipset drivers must have been installed - that's particularly important if it's connected to secondary IDE
- it should show up in Device Manager with no yellow ! or red X beside it
- it should show up in Disk Management, My Computer, and Windows Explorer

Most new optical drives are DVD combo burner drives - they read and burn both CDs and DVDs. DVD burning requires higher minumum systems specs than CD burning - e.g. a min. 450 mhz cpu. If you have an older optical drive, it may be a CD-rom drive - reads CDs only, or a CD burner drive - reads and burns only CDs, or a DVD rom drive - reads both CDs and DVDs but cannot burn them - or a CD burner / DVD rom drive - reads both CDs and DVDs, burns only CDs .

New and more recent IDE DVD combo burner drives capable of burning 16X or greater DVD +R or DVD -R must use an 80 wire IDE data cable in order to be able to achieve their faster speeds. (All other IDE optical drives will work fine connected to a 40 wire data cable). They may not be recognized properly when they are connected to a 40 wire IDE data cable, and even if they are, if the burning software recognizes themand enables the faster burning speeds, lots of data errors will be produced when you attempt to burn at the faster rated speeds.

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