Windows not detecing SATA HDD on controller

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September 1, 2010 at 11:25:05
Specs: Windows 7
I am running Windows 7 on an Asus PSN-E Sli motherboard which I think has at least 1 dodgy SATA controllers. To try and narrow it down ( I changed the cables, know the drive is ok), I bought a JMicron SATA II PCI-E card. When I boot up the JMicron raid utility at the BIOS detects the hard drive Western Digital WD50 500gb as a non-raid Hard Drive (seems the card has RAID utility also) but when I boot into Windows 7 the drive is nowhere to be found.

The JMicron utility that came on the disk does not detect within Windows either as it seems it is only for the RAID function to manage the RAID array.

I am at a loss as searching for keywords brings up thousands of irrelevant pages, mostly where people have either not detected a SATA drive at all via bios or are using a card but the card itself isn't being detected.

If anyone can help it would be most appreciated.

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September 1, 2010 at 12:05:05
Just found a really weird thing related to my original problem. Let me explain that to you as someone may be able to help with that instead.

The hard drives causing problems are both the WD 500gb models, D:\ on SATA port 2 and E:\ on SATA port 3, my system drive is a Hitachi deskstar 320gb on Port 1. What would happen is my D:\ drive would keep reverting back to PIO mode so I ran a script I found online to force DMA mode. After a few days the PC froze when accessing the HDD and when I rebooted the BIOS did not detect the D:\ drive. I have to Power Off completely to get the HDD to recognize when they get "lost", reboot won't do it.

After this happened a few times I swapped the D:\ and E:\ drives around to check if it was the SATA cable and the same problem happened with E:\ now using the SATA port and cable that D:\ had previously used. I reformated and installed Windows 7 instead of XP but now get the same problem. I tried every conceivable drive/port combo and those two drives are still the issue although D:\ freezes up much less than E:\ which now will freeze up if you attempt to go beyond the root in Explorer.

Weirdly though I have just burnt 40gb of data from E:\ without issue.

If it was a problem with the SATA controllers as I thought would it be this intermittent and would it not affect the C:\ drive as I have tried that on every port? Surely both HDD didn't go at the same time within hours of each other that is a massive coincidence same drives or not? I'm tearing my hair out, especially as my plan to use a SATA PCI-E controller to try to at least salvage 1 of them is giving its own issues.

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