windows is asking me to format the disk

February 17, 2012 at 21:24:09
Specs: Windows 7
i followed instructions of solving problem but command prompt says : the type of this file is ntfs and chkdsk is aborted .how can i fix itt plz help me

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February 17, 2012 at 22:42:39
You have not supplied enough info.

If it's an internal hard drive, the hard drive you're trying to run CHKDSK on may be failing.

Check your hard drive with the manufacturer's diagnostics.
See the latter part of response 1 in this:

If you don't have a floppy drive, you can get a CD image diagnostic utility from most hard drive manufacturer's web sites, but obviously you would need to make a burned CD, preferably a CD-R for best compatibility, on another computer if you need to.

Seagate's Seatools will test (almost) any brand of hard drive.
Do the long test.

The bootable Dos versions of SeaTools can be used even if Windows is not working properly.

If the hard drive itself tests okay, any data problems found can be fixed, one way or another.

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March 22, 2012 at 20:06:05
write-protected USB flash drive format software download plzz give me this software?
my email :

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March 22, 2012 at 22:01:38

No one who answers here regularly is going to email you.

It's NOT a good idea to leave your email address in a post anywhere on the web - there are malicious people and malicious programs that are constantly looking for email address to abuse. You should delete it.
You can Edit any of your own posts on this web site, for a limited time, by clicking on the the Edit this message link at the bottom of your own posts.

Anyone can contact you on this web site by sending a PM - Personal Message - to your user name - you will get an email in your IN mailbox that you have a PM on this site, as well as the number of your PMs going up by one, without your email address being revealed to them, or their email address being revealed to you if they choose to send a PM to you, unless it's included in the text of the PM.

"write-protected USB flash drive..."

What make and model is it ?

"... format software download plzz give me this software?"

Some flash drive models have a tiny switch on them you must move to certain position if you want to write data to them.

If it has no such switch, then it's write protected by software on the flash drive.
If you don't know the password for that software, you probably cannot format it.

If your problem is Windows "thinks" the drive is not formatted and you know it was, or if you don't get that but you cannot access files on your own flash drive that you know you could access before, if you are not being prompted for a password, that's a completely different matter.
You have probably damaged data on the flash drive by you unplugging the flash drive while Windows was running without clicking on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in your taskbar and choosing to STOP accessing the drive. That's VERY COMMON.

If you use certain programs to fix the data damage, you will probably be able to access most of or all of the files on the flash drive again.

OR - flash drives DO NOT work properly in all possible USB ports you plug them into.

Troubleshooting USB device problems including for flash drives, external drives, external memory card readers.
See Response 1:

NOTE that if you have damaged data on the flash drive, often it's the partition table data you've damaged - if that's been damaged you cannot format the flash drive unless you delete the partition (the FAT32 or FAT software partitioning) on the flash drive.
You cannot delete the partition on the flash drive in Windows itself.

If the flash drive is NOT write protected, and if there's nothing wrong with it's partition (software partitioning data) then you can easily format it in Windows itself. E.g. RIGHT click on it's drive letter and choose Format.

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