Windows freezes a minute after boot!

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December 2, 2009 at 23:01:16
Specs: Windows Vista 64x
Well, I had my computer resting on a table when I tripped over the cord and pulled it off. It fell about two feet and when it landed, everything worked fine. I used it for a couple hours, and everything - programs, internet, music, etc. all worked fine. Then, I turned it off and when I went to use it an hour later, it booted up, and after about thirty seconds of my usage it froze. I could move the mouse but nothing more - icons, taskbar, open windows, task manager, nothing.

Unworried, I waited a bit... and then after an hour it was still frozen. So, I held down the power button and booted it up again. This time, after coming up with the "Windows did not shut down correctly" screen, and I selecting "boot normally", came up with a hard drive diagnostic-like thing that said, vaguely, "Windows needs to check your drive for errors". After going for 15 minutes, it says "Done. No errors found. Windows will now boot" or something.

I can boot in to safe mood every other try. I can do everything normally in Windows until the freeze. I ran a bunch of different diagnostics things recommended and none of them came up with any problems.

Another weird thing is that all of my system restore points disappeared, and in My Computer, I have about 30gb more free space than normal.

Since I can boot into safe mode, I'm going to back my files up first, and then try... whatever.

Finally, when I start it up after the freeze, it takes three times as long to boot, including into safe mode. The hard disc light is almost constantly on as well, except during the freeze.

Any suggestions?

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December 2, 2009 at 23:04:46
Oh, no viruses... a week before I took out a bad one, but just after they were all gone, according to SpyBot S&D, BeSecure Virus, and McAfree.

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December 3, 2009 at 00:21:00
Open pc case and reinstal cables(ide/sata cables etc).Make sure vga card,ram,cpu heatsink and othercards are installed properly.

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