Windows 7 to Windows XP, 2nd HD Missing

Wd Wd caviar blue 500gb hard drive
February 28, 2010 at 16:17:20
Specs: Windows XP
I had Windows 7 RC with both a primary (80GB HD) and seconardy (500GB) HDs, re-installed Widows XP on the C Drive. but now I can't seem to get Windows XP to see the 2nd (500GB) HD.
Device Manager says drivers are OK.
Computer Management says it's a Dynamic Foreign Drive. There is an option to 'Convert to Basic' but I thought I read that this will erase the drive.

Any advise?

Thanks in advance

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February 28, 2010 at 17:29:46
Many things in Vista are the same as in Windows 7.

I have a friend's computer on hand that is dual booting XP MCE 2005 and Vista Premium by means of a third party boot manager program (BootIt! Next Generation) . XP cannot see the partition Vista was installed on in My Computer or Windows Explorer. In Disk Management in XP, it sees the partition Vista was installed as Healthy (Unknown Partition...).
So - what you're seeing is similar to what I'm seeing. All the partitions on that computer are either FAT32 or NTFS; I didn't make any a Dynamic drive.

The only option for that partition in Disk Management when I RIGHT click on it is to Delete the partition.

In Vista, I can see all the 8 formatted partitions, on 2 physical drives, in My Computer and Windows Explorer.
Vista and XP MCE are on the same physical drive.

What data is on the 500gb drive? Does it have just one partition or more than one?

My Computer and Windows Explorer can't see physical hard drives. They can only see partitions on hard drives that are software partitioned and formatted using something XP recognizes - the drive letters are for those partitions = logical drives. A physical hard drive is only ~ = to the size of a logical drive if the physical hard drive has only one partition, that is software partitioned and formatted using something XP recognizes (the single partition is always smaller than the binary drive capacity because software partitioning and formatting use up some of the space).
So - your 500gb physical hard drive isn't missing if it shows up in Disk Management - it just can't show up in My Computer or Windows Explorer.
(~500gb manufacturer's size (decimal) is = ~465.66gb in the bios, binary size, that's the "RAW" size in Window's Disk Management when the drive has no data or formatting on it, and software partitioning and formatting use up a small percentage of that ~465.66gb)

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February 28, 2010 at 19:11:52
Thanks, This was helpful, gives me a little understanding of what's going on. I wish I was better at this stuff though :-) The 500gb drive has a bunch of media on it. Videos, Music, Pics, Old docs, ect.... especially some HD Family Videos that my wife would kill me if I lost :-( It is a single partition. and yes its actually only 465gb. So since this has kinda become my only copy of some of these files (I know bad bad bad), what might be some cheap options for getting the data off this drive to at least have a backup made before I try anything else? I have laptops, one is actually running Ubuntu the others are all running XP.

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March 1, 2010 at 06:23:54
You could try making a Ubuntu boot disk to boot the suject computer with, or install the 500gb drive in an external enclosure and connect it via USB or eSATA to the laptop with Unbuntu on it, and see if you can then see and copy the data on the 500gb drive you can't replace to elsewhere, but
" Dynamic Foreign Drive."
if you made the partition - logical drive - on the 500gb drive a dynamic one, I don't know if Ubuntu can see data on that. I know very little about any version of Linux, but I have read and heard that Ubuntu can access regular NTFS Windows 2000 and XP partitions.
I haven't tried making a dynamic (logical) drive on any operating system.

You could try connecting the 500gb drive to a desktop computer internally, or install it in an external enclosure and connect it via USB or eSATA, to a computer that has Vista or Windows 7 on it, then you should be able access it and copy the data you can't replace to elsewhere.

If you can see the partition on the 500gb drive in Vista or Windows 7 but get Access Denied messages when you try accessing the data, that's because you were using a password to logon to Windows 7 RC - you would have to "Take Ownership" of the data - remove the data access protection assigned to a user's data that is/was a user that requires a password - I know what to refer you to for 2000 or XP, but I haven't researched that yet for Vista or Windows 7
- search for:
"Take ownership" Vista
(you'll probably get a lot more "hits" for Vista, and the procedure is probably the same or essentially the same for Windows 7 )
"Take ownership" Windows 7
or similar

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