Winding noise coming from my Laptop LCD?

Sony / Vpceb23fm
January 16, 2011 at 16:31:29
Specs: Windows 7
I have a Sony laptop VPCEB23FM model. I just want to know why sometimes a loud winding sound comes from my lcd, not in the fan but really it's from the display. Fan was already replaced because was initially diagnose that fan is the problem.

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January 17, 2011 at 12:07:30
Ah great, don't ya luv weird computer noises? I have an old Dell C600 w/ LCD that occasionally hums, it also flickers, then I tap the back of the LCD and it goes away (kinda like the old tube TV sets that you had to occasionally kick). DON'T kick your laptop though! ;-) There must be a loose connection in mine somehere, but I haven't had to open it up yet.

With yours, hmm, maybe a bulb issue along the lines of this post:

Or loose connection along the lines of these posts:

When an electronic circuit make noise, it can be due to failing part, thermal issue or EMI (electromagnetic interference). Try to pinpoint where exactly the noise is coming from on the LCD if you can (use a homemade stethoscope from plastic/rubber/cardboard tube). The lower part of the LCD is where a bulb would be. There is an LCD inverter board in there as well, which could be near the bottom or on top.

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January 17, 2011 at 16:56:43
@ PC GEEK - Thanks. I found out that I had the same case with Al of Buzzing or whistling sound coming from the lcd display of may Sony Vaio notebook. It stops when turning the brightness to its full or max. It is really a disappointment for me too. I bought this brand new from Best Buy, I wasn't able to return it back because of the 14 days return policy. Unfortunately kinda busy that time and noticed it late, went on the 15th day from the time I purchased it, thinking I have 30 days period of return. It really makes me mad, how come it passed from Sony Manufacturing QoS. Had this "Energy Star" logo in my notebook and now I just found out that I cannot even use the Energy Saving Features or the Power Plan becuase if I do, this "irritating" sound will occur again. Have been calling the esupport from Sony since September last year, bought this last week of August and based from their assestment it's maybe because of the noise coming from the fan. They sent a service technician 3 days ago and had this fan replaced. I really want this be replaced by new unit if possible. Can they still repair this one? thanks so much!

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January 18, 2011 at 08:47:48
BEST BUY, ha, funny how a store name like "Best Buy" offers such crummy service! Yes, a 15 day return policy is designed to do one thing...limit returns. Best Buy is a "move the merchandise & make $ company", their service & terms are horrible. Add that into the whole laptops scam going on in the industry today - laptops are junk, ALL laptops! They're a rip-off. They're expensive, they fail prematurely, expensive to repair, the hard drives are weak,etc etc. I'm not surprised by your issues, sorry to say. But...ppl continue to buy them.

Just because something passes QoS, doesn't mean that it's perfect. Look at all the automotive recalls & issues, computers are no different. I'm amazed as to how well these companies can build in obsolecence into their computers! That's the REAL ART. They are designed to fail 1-3 yrs down the line, in order for companies to sell parts at price gouging levels (like replacement LCDs for $299 when the laptop itself originally costs $500.00), as well as selling new machines. If you've never seen the inside of a computer, especially a laptop, you'd be amazed as how small & compact things are. You don't get a lot for your $. THEN add in the lousy tech support & service w/ these companies and you have the makings of a consumer nightmare. But...ppl keep buying them. OK, rant over.

RE: Repair, well if it's a design or quality issue (the noises), not sure if it can be fixed or not. If something isn't working, burnt out bulb, bad fan, motherboard etc., those can always be fixed.

Good Luck

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