Will Xp Support/recognize dual gpu

March 1, 2009 at 10:20:03
Specs: Windows XP, 2.4 quad, DDR2 1066
Ther's been a lot of talk about wether wixp will recognize dual GPU video cards and show/use both GPUs. Has anybody heard of any prob or know if this is a prob or not


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March 1, 2009 at 11:21:48
I still have an XP partition on my drive, and it works with SLI (two cards, one GPU per card).

The 9800GX2 and cards like it are basically SLI on a stick, so they should work.

I believe that it's quad-SLI (two dual-GPU cards) that XP doesn't support

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March 1, 2009 at 21:21:21
Yeah I have 3 of the 8800GTS superclocked 640 mb.
The card that I am concerned about is the (one card) ASUS 4870X2 2GB DDR5. Ther had been talk that only one of the 2 GPUs would be recognised by WinXP 32.
I sent the card back to ASUS because of issues with factory clocking. Out of box 507Mhz, advertised at 750Mhz, wouldn't hold any clock change, Artifacting during game play (BF2, COD4,5) and if you turned AI Catalyst on it would crash the video card and then the PC. Went back to the 8800Gts. My ASUS P5K Premium Black Pearl Edition Mobo supported Cross fire, Not SLi.
How does the 2 8800 differ from running 1. I'm Curious? Thanks for the feedback.

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March 2, 2009 at 12:03:18
i know for a fact that the quad GPU, at least the nVIDIA implementation of such, will only work in with nvidia Vista video drivers - there are no WinXP drivers to enable quad GPUs. This information was acquired directly from nvidia's website.

just make sure you're sure before you drop the cash.

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