will this work with XP

September 22, 2009 at 18:12:30
Specs: Windows XP
dont have the installation disk or the manual and could you tell me if this card is even worth using on my HP compaq d330 microtower?
it's an ASUS AGP-V7100(T) (sd.2mx32)

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September 22, 2009 at 21:04:26
"HP compaq d330 microtower"

There are over a hundered different d330 specific models.

Find the specific model that's on the label on the outside if the case somewhere.
e.g. Dxxxxx or Pxxxxx

I looked up the d330 series the other day. At least some of them have one of four models of OEM only ASUS P4SD-LA motherboards.
OEM only = supplied only to brand name system builders. HP has some info about them - Asus doesn't have any support for them on their web sites..
All of them have some variation of the Intel 865 main chipset series - two of the four have onboard video.

All four have an 8X AGP slot ( 4X / 8X )

Asus Manual for one of the four - this one does not have onboard video.
P4SD-LA Oxford:

The ASUS V7100/T is a 4X AGP card that first came out in the summer of 2000. It has 32mb of video memory built in.

Multipage Review:
ASUS V7100/T GeForce2 MX
Date: September 7th, 2000

If you are using onboard video and not a card in the AGP slot, it's probably better than the onboard graphics.

If you want to play recent or fairly recent games, this card having 32 mb of memory may be not be enough to run the game with.

Since it was made in 2000 and XP came out in 2001, XP may already have drivers for it and will install them automatically.

You could just try installing it.
Unplug the case/power supply.
Power off your monitor.
Open up the case by removing the left panel as seen when you're looking at the front of the case.
Install it in the AGP slot.
MAKE SURE it's all the way down in the slot.
Secure it with a screw.
Plug a monitor into it.
Restore AC power to the case.
Try booting XP - let it search for drivers if it doesn't find them automatically.

Installing a video card in the AGP slot automatically disables the onboard video.

If it doesn't find drivers for it, go to the NVidia web site and down load drivers for the GeForce 2xxx video chipset series, and install them.

Go into the mboard's bios Setup - usually you press F2 or F1 to get into that on a HP or Compaq computer - and set Initialize Video First, or Primary Video, or similar, to AGP, if it isn't already set to that, and Save bios settings .
If that setting is wrong, you still get video in XP, but the enhacnced features of the AGP card cannot work properly with the specific drivers that are loaded for the video card.

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September 22, 2009 at 21:23:09
i'll try that thanks

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September 22, 2009 at 21:25:01
the model number is HPCompaq d330ut(dc579AV) if that helps

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September 22, 2009 at 23:26:03
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It's a US model

Parts - searched here using: DC579AC in left box. Chose DC579AC in list.
Country set to United States

HP Business Desktop d330 Microtower (DC579AC)

323091-001 - motherboard part number
Apparently, same part number number used for all 4 versions of the ASUS P4SD-LA models

Look for a stuck label on the mboard or parallel port with one of the 4 possible names on it.

1. Yale-UL6E

No onboard video.

Chipset Name Springdale-PE, GMCH rev A2
Chipset 'North Bridge' 865 PE, rev A2
Chipset 'South Bridge' ICH5, rev A2

2. Stingray

Onboard video.

Chipset 'North Bridge' 865G
Chipset 'South Bridge' ICH5

3. Cobra-GL6E

Integrated 3D graphics controller (onboard video)

Intel Springdale GMCH
Intel ICH5

4. 4. Oxford-UL6E

No onboard video

Intel 848P (Breeds Hill)
MCH with Intel ICH5

Found on web for Oxford
HP P/N 5187- 4919 or 5187-6670

Asus OEM Manual P4SD-LA Oxford:

Most things in that are probably identical for all 4 models.

Used: HP Business Desktop d330 Microtower
to search with on HP site.

Business Support Center
HP Compaq d330 Microtower Desktop PC

Manuals (guides, supplements, addendums, etc)
HP Compaq d330 Microtower Desktop PC

Quick specs - extensive!
HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Series
They use the same mboards, many of the same parts.

Chassis Identification Guide

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