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January 27, 2009 at 23:00:50
Specs: Windows XP, 2GB DDR2 6400 OCZ gold
Hi Friends,
i need your help once again.
First of all, i posted this same thing before but got deleted without any message don't know what happend. and if any mod think this is business related Post, then sorry it's not. i'm not a pro i build my friends a pc for free without charging anything. Just a reminder in business we charge people.

Actually i build 2 systems for 2 of my friends last year in march (2008).

both systems were same
here's the config. for both the systems.
mobo was asus P5E-VM
Processor was e8400(more chances) or e7400(not sure).
but one thing is sure its either one of the above. definately core2duo.

Ram was 2Gb DDR2 6400 OCZ Gold the one with gold heat sink. 2 1gb sticks.

no sound card or graphic card was installed.

Western Digital 500 GB oem hard drive was used.

case was generic bought from TD for 40 bucks.
case came with 350 watts power supply.

OK now's my problem.

evrything was done pc was built. for the first one its running smooth till now not even a single problem.
but for the second one...
my friend called me the second day saying that when he starts the system ...during boot the blinking cursor stays there(keeps blinking) and it won't pass that screen and after several restarts it works fine. i told him to bring it to my place and when i checked everything was fine so he took it back but he was still complaining that the problem is there.

he called me last month that now the problem is worst so he brought his pc to my place and i looked and he was right now the cursor was not moving at all.

i tried re formatting with vista and pc won't allow me to do that and when i tried xp it works. i can assure you nothing wrong with windows CD.

but the problem was still there. i updated bios setting. no difference . then i thouught it might be the powersupply so i changed the power supply to 550 watts.

now there's no cursor problem... but now he gets BSOD. randomly sometime after 5 minutes osometime after 2 hours and sometime after one day..

and once the BSOD comes his CMOS setting goes away while booting POST shows the CPU fan error even if its running.

so i have to go to cmos and then set check fan speed to ignored because there are only 2 settings N/A and ignored.

don't know whats wrong.

already tried dskchk on his hdd not even a single error.

tried one ram at a time. same thing.

Well i'm totally fed up... don't know what the problem would be...

Please help ..even ur small reply would be appreciated.
Thanks for reading...

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January 28, 2009 at 05:11:55
1. check the power supply. A decent PSU costs at least $40-50 so the one included in a $40 case is undoubtly cheap generic garbage. You gave no additional info about the 550W unit. you can't judge a PSU based soley on wattage, amperage is what's important.

2. test the RAM with memtest86

3. make sure the CPU cooling fan is plugged into the correct header.

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January 28, 2009 at 06:11:22
Check settings in the BIOS for cpu temp. control. If it's the E8400-that cpu is known to have temperature monitoring issues. Your cpu might not be overheating, but the bios might shut the computer down anyway. Also, check what voltages are listed for the cpu and for the RAM. You might have to increase the voltages a little bit.

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February 2, 2009 at 11:59:11
I had the same Cpu Fan Error a few months ago while fixing a rig. Turns out, the fan was "damaged" even though the thing spun fine and looked great. I replaced it and the error was gone. If this is the case with your system, then the cpu will most def be overheating or bios will not allow it to go past a certain temp to protect it. I would not advise to put any error notices on ignore. Sounds like there might be a few issues with your set-up that you need check off as you go. I'd start with this Fan issues first.
Hope this helps.

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February 2, 2009 at 15:39:32
DeMo: I wouldn't normally advise putting any error notices on ignore either. However, for the E8400, I monitor the temperatures of the cores with Real Temp, and I do have the warning enabled for the PWM temperature in the BIOS. The problem is that if the OP has a cpu which reports the temps inaccurately in the BIOS(which happens with this processor), then the computer might shut down when the cpu is not overheating at all. The PWM temperature is usually close to that of the cpu, so if it were really overheating, leaving the PWM warning enabled would shut the computer down anyway.

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