Solved Why is Medion External Hard drive making clicking noise

June 17, 2015 at 05:37:49
Specs: Windows 7
My Medion hddrive 2go will not work at all, when I plug it into my pc all I hear is a clicking noise as if it is attempting to start up.
Can it be fixed?

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June 17, 2015 at 08:31:40
Clicking noises from drives is a sure sign that they have worn out. Not something that a non-specialist is likely to be able to fix.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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June 17, 2015 at 08:32:05
Has this drive worked OK in the past or is this the 1st time using it? If you've had it for a while, has it worked OK before on the same PC you currently have it connected to?

One possibility is the drive is not getting enough power from the USB port. Another possibility is the drive has failed. I don't know which brand drives Medion uses in its externals, but have a look at this:

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June 17, 2015 at 08:59:55
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If the drive was installed as your boot drive actually booting - even with noises then I would encourage you to "immediately" copy "all" your personal files etc to external storage; typically DVD but an external hard drive too is nice(r). But you appear to suggest it's a usb drive?

Based on my limited experience I'm inclined to view that the drive is failing - if it hasn't already failed. Clicking noise invariably means the drive is on its way out...

Regardless of the problem drive - now would be a good time to save your files (on the actual working computer) and then set about resolving the external drive noises... (which if it is failing are beyond the average user's ability...). Why save the those files (copy them to external media)? At some stage you may wish you had - should there be any problems with the working system that put your files on its drive at risk.

Re' the "usb drive: remove it (if you) can from its case; wrap in paper towel; place inside a plastic bag - the type used for sandwiches or freezing... Squeeze out the air; place bag and contents in the freezer for about an hour. Remove from freezer; open bag and loosen (do not remove) the paper towel wrapping. Leave it sit for about 20mins or so. Then re-install into its case and see if it will spin up when reconnected to the working computer. If it will - immediately set about copying its contents to DVD.Likely it will stop at some stage; if so repeat the cooling process and try again...etc.. chances are you may revive it long "enuff" to recover all data; but possibly not.

If you can't remove the drive from its case; put the whole assembly in the freezer as above... and proceed as above.

Sadly drives do die; and often clicking noises are a symptom, as are "screeching noises..."

Medion generally use decent drives (at least that's been my limited experience). Some of their kit in the past has actually been Acer rebranded (older laptop etc. models). Some of their kit may even have been Sony (audio kit etc...)

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June 17, 2015 at 22:01:03
I have sometimes gotten a clicking drive that wasn't being recognized at all to spin up properly by repeatedly restarting the computer. One that one occasion when it wasn't clicking it would be recognized and I was able to copy off what I needed.

As already mentioned, it's not practical to 'fix' it but if you're lucky you may be able to get it to spin up one last time so you can copy off files you need. Then just throw it out.

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