Why have i got 2 hard drives??

August 14, 2010 at 15:42:11
Specs: Windows Vista, 80gb
on my laptop i have two hard drives and i dont know why... any body?? my computer memory is 80gb but seems to be split into 2...?? the one which everything seems to store on has the vista symbol.. but th other is just plain and completely empty but holds 40gb of memory.. is it possible to make the memory as one..? i have no ideal why i have two hard drives and no one has heard of it either.. please help :)

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August 14, 2010 at 15:55:22
You probably have only one physical drive but it is partitioned into two separate partitionswhich show in windows with different drive letters.

"i have no ideal why i have two hard drives and no one has heard of it either"

Correction. Everyone (But you) has heard of employing separate partitions on hard drives. Someone created two partitions on your drive. One that contains your operating system and the second for use as storage. The fact that the second is empty means you simply have not used it yet.

If the System drive ( The one with Vista on it) is getting full then you should consider moving some files to the other drive.

Since you appear to lack experience I would be reluctant to point you towards other options that would involve deleting the un-used partition and then expanding the Vista partition into the un-used space. There are inherent dangers when you start messing about with re-sizing operating system partitions and you could easily wind up with a brick

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August 14, 2010 at 15:57:27
For a start the "memory" you refer to is disk space. Memory is RAM. To call the space on a hard disk memory just causes confusion even though they both use the same measurement units.,

What you appear to have as 120 Gb Hard disk split into two partitions. One of 80Gbs and the other of 40 Gbs. This is perfectly normal and and good thing to do as it avoids putting all your eggs into one basket.

You could if you wish partition with up to four partitions and make it appear as if you have four different hard disks.


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